This New 'A Million Little Things' Promo Has Fans Worried About Katherine

ABC/Jack Rowand

Although Jon is still a major mystery, A Million Little Things isn't one to vilify its characters for their tough decisions. Determined lawyer Katherine could have been subjected to the TV stigma of the hated ex-wife long ago. Instead, she's received her own time to shine despite the crumbling of her marriage to Eddie. After agreeing to go forward with a divorce and dipping a toe back into the dating pool, the woman has proven to be pretty strong, but the Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 15 promo hints Katherine is in danger.

After last week's focus on Regina (Christina Moses) and her traumatic past with her uncle, A Million Little Things is definitely squeezing in looks at its lesser-known characters before its season finale on Feb. 28. While it's far from providing the kind of quality flashbacks we see on This Is Us or flashback trendsetter Lost, A Million Little Things has explored the pasts of Delilah (Stéphanie Szostak) and the guys so much that it feels odd not to know much about Katherine (Grace Park). Aside from the role alcohol played in her relationship with Eddie (David Giuntoli) and her occasional guilt as a working mom, what else do we really know about her?

Compared to the rest of the group, she's mostly a blank page, but Feb. 14's "The Rock" may delve more into Katherine's mindset and backstory.

We can assume this based on the episode's promo footage. Although it also teases Maggie (Allison Miller) trying to beat her cancer and Rome (Romany Malco) clashing with his brother, the preview implies that Katherine is over "just getting through it." After an apparent disagreement with Eddie, the promo's closing moments show Eddie realizing that Katherine may be trapped in a destroyed, smoking vehicle.

As cops keep him away from the scene, Eddie shouts, "That's my wife!" Understandably, it looks like a part of him will always be invested in Katherine's well-being.

The accident appears to happen after Eddie and Katherine's divorce proceedings grow testy. ABC's episode synopsis reads:

Eddie and Katherine’s divorce mediations become complicated, and Rome’s brother makes an unexpected visit. Meanwhile, Gary and Maggie attempt to check an item off her bucket list.

It would be totally cruel of the show to tease a life-threatening accident only for an unscathed Katherine to pop up behind Eddie. While she may walk away from this scary moment with a few injuries, the descriptions for Season 1's two remaining episodes definitely have a "life-goes-on" vibe to them. If another funeral was in store for the gang, we could probably find the hints within Episode 16 and 17's teasers.

Instead, the summaries promise updates on Maggie's health, a sense of closure regarding Jon's (Ron Livingston) death, and further investigation on who Barbara Morgan is. A near-death experience may inspire Katherine to open up more, but it looks like we'll see much more of her in Season 2 of A Million Little Things.

Season 1 of A Million Little Things continues on Thursday, Feb. 14, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.