These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Beaver Moon, But Don't Be Afraid

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There's a reason everyone holds their breath and braces for disaster during a full moon. After all, this is when the moon is at its ripest and most awakened state. In astrology, the moon rules over your emotional inner world and governs your shadow self. When the moon and the sun form an opposition, it's hard to hide the truth, which is just one reason why the 2019 Beaver Moon will be the worst for these zodiac signs. Even though everyone will be pulled by the moon's power, not everyone will appreciate the direction they're dragged in, especially if their sun or rising happens to fall in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius.

When the moon is in Taurus, it's exalted — the moon loves being in Taurus. This zodiac sign is romantic, sensual, and practical, which clarifies your emotions and helps you activate your feelings by taking concrete action. However, for air signs, it doesn't matter. Air has trouble breezing through earth. When this full moon bursts through the universe on Nov. 12 at 8:34 a.m. ET, air signs might just burst along with it. But don't be afraid, because there is so much the experience will teach you.

Forming an opposition to Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — as it undergoes apparent retrograde motion through the dark and sensitive waters of Scorpio, this full moon is sure to kick up some uncomfortable conversations and resurrect long-forgotten attachments. There may still be something from your past that must be dealt with. However, it's all informing you of what your future could look like. This full moon forms a trine with steady Saturn and metamorphosing Pluto, conjuring visions of where you're headed next.


Gemini: Your Deepest, Darkest Secrets May Reveal Themselves

You may feel as though you're swimming through reality and it could leave you feeling disconnected. This is because you're more in touch with your subconscious than usual, which means it's all the more difficult to suppress your truth. You could feel compelled to come clean about a secret you've been harboring and you may even be caught off guard with a revelation. Time alone might be necessary in order for you to process all these strange feelings as they disturb your understanding of life. Let yourself heal from these disturbances. Remember that it's OK if nothing makes sense.

Libra: You Could Be Dealing With A Strange Internal Struggle

You're being pushed to let go and set yourself free from something that no longer has any place in your life. You may have invested so much of your heart into this situation, but it's time to realize you could be clinging on to a sinking ship. Even if you're simply coming to terms with bad habits or destructive modes of thought, you're now meant to redirect your perspective and make better choices going forward. Transformation sounds beautiful, doesn't it? Unfortunately, transformation is also messy, chaotic, and far from easy. It requires you to let something die so that something else can be born.

Aquarius: You Could Feel Super Emotional And Vulnerable

You probably don't enjoy admitting you're in need of some tender loving care, but no one is immune to a desire for comfort. Whether it's by spending time with your closest loved ones, or wrapping yourself up in a big, warm blanket at home, you owe it to yourself to make sure you feel safe and sound. You may even realize you've been sacrificing your heart for the sake of something you believed was more important. Even if you thought you could put your feelings on the back-burner, it's time to face how unfair this is to yourself. Create your own private and sacred haven in the midst of this chaotic universe.

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