The Beaver Moon Will Be Amazingly Liberating For These Zodiac Signs

As the moon's mysterious white glow expands during the waxing phase of the lunar cycle, it's a motivating force. The moon rules over your instincts, emotional impulses, and everything else that burns within you. As the moon gains strength, so do you. Once the moon reaches its fullest state, secrets may slip from loose lips and revelations could rock your reality. Good luck suppressing your truth under the full moon's gaze. Luckily, not all truths are difficult to stomach. Oftentimes, acknowledging the truth is the most liberating thing of all, and that's why the 2019 Beaver Moon will be the best for these zodiac signs.

This full moon forms an opposition with Mercury retrograde in dark and intense Scorpio starting on Nov. 12 at 8:34 a.m. ET, which stirs up drama and increases the odds for an emotional meltdown. However, it also takes place in grounded, down-to-earth, and functional Taurus, which gives you a leg to stand on, as well as plenty of practical options for soothing the confusion. Although Mercury retrograde isn't the best time to make reckless choices that can affect you for the long term, it's a beautiful time to go back to the drawing board and freely reimagine your future. As this full moon forms a trine with disciplined Saturn and transformative Pluto, anything will feel possible and you are seeing all the different avenues you can take. Entertain possibilities and know you have power to create anything, as long as it matters to you enough.


Taurus: You're Coming To Terms With Your Deepest Truths

Although this may be an overwhelming experience, you're being brought closer to your authentic self. The person you feel like on the inside may be at odds with the person you're projecting on the outside. You're gaining insight on how you can live a life that is true to your values and convictions. You're learning how to bring your mind and heart in alignment. Fear could have been holding you back from owning your identity, but you're becoming brave enough to live truthfully, in spite of that fear. Remember that by making choices that connect with your purpose, you're slowly building the life you have always dreamed of.

Virgo: Your Imagination Is Bursting With Color And Possibility

Your mindset may have been too narrow. Even though you may believe you're seeing every possibility available to you, there's so much more to the story. Prepare for the light to rush in and for your perspective to broaden. It's as if you've been working in a small, windowless room and the walls are finally coming down, exposing a great expanse before you. The horizon is infinite and your options are limitless. You can go anywhere you'd like. Let the prospect of the unknown fill you with hope, excitement, and faith in the spontaneity of life.

Capricorn: You're Living Life To The Fullest And Letting Go

Have you forgotten this world is a playground meant to be played in? As you exhaust yourself, working hard and pursuing your goals, don't ever forget you're here to have fun. Let go of the part of your brain that's taking everything so seriously and allow yourself to enjoy the ride. Do you remember how wild and free you felt as a child? You understood the joy of creativity and the peace of living in the present moment. You weren't concerned with outward recognition or with being perfect. You were content with drawing outside the lines. Bring that freedom of expression back into your life.