These Cute & Comfy Picks From PUMA Will Make Your Workouts *That* Much Better

Courtesy of PUMA

After years of trying to finagle a workout routine that didn't end in me loathing the whole experience and swearing it off for good, I've realized something, at first, I thought was a little ~much~, but now, I stand by wholeheartedly: Feeling good about myself while I'm working out is major for me, and in turn, finding cute workout clothes I feel confident in is half that battle. For the occasionally workout-averse who need a little boost to feel motivated, as well as for the seasoned athletes who can't help but fill every inch of their closets with leggings, allow some cute workout clothes from PUMA to tempt you hardcore.

For me, a prime workout clothing item shines in three major areas: comfort, versatility, and accessibility. Is it something I'm physically going to feel good working out in, or am I gonna be pulling, tugging, and hating how I feel in it the whole time? Is this item only ever gonna see the inside of a gym, or am I going to be willing to wear it out and about, too, if I wanted to? And finally, is it reasonably priced for good quality? I'm willing to pay for good quality, but, uh, my bank account can only handle so much, you know? The below athletic-wear from PUMA fit allllllll those bills and more. If you're ready for a workout wardrobe overhaul, or you're just looking for a few new picks, keep on reading:

Sustainably made, this tank top gives you everything you need: It keeps you cool, gives you room to move and breathe, and keeps you feeling dry — not to mention, it brightens up any outfit.

If you love the tank top, you'll also love the matching shorts. With a drawstring waistband and lots of leg room, these shorts snapped on comfort.

PUMA's thought of it all with the H.ST.20. Everything from the cushioning to the dual-layer mesh upper to the lacing and more have been designed to give you a secure, yet comfortable, breathable feel, so these shoes move with you from the gym to wherever else you're heading.

Call me high-maintenance, but sometimes, I'm sick of looking at (and wearing) the same black sports bra silhouette. With a modern silhouette, trending color-blocked designed, and silver glitter detailing, this sports bra said, "Same, girl."

You all probably won't even believe me when I tell you this, but aside from being cute as hell with a geometric pattern, these leggings have five pockets: two along the sides and more that wrap around the waistband. Dream leggings? Yuh.

As someone who's not always comfortable working out in just a sports bra and bottoms (more power to you if you are, though!), I'm always looking for breathable tops that won't weigh me down. Enter: this airy, innovative silhouette that I added to cart so fast.

I know I said I was a bit jaded with black sports bras — but not this one. It's made with dryCELL, which wicks away moisture, as well as a Thermo-R+ phasechange print, which — and I didn't even know this was possible — works to regulate your body temp as you hustle.

If you don't already have your favorite, tried-and-true black workout tank, allow me to introduce you to your new fave. Reminiscent of '90s tank top silhouettes, this top is sleek, versatile, and will take you from the gym to errands to anywhere else you could imagine.

Um, hello to the comfiest-looking track pants I've ever seen. On the days where I'm absolutely dreading a workout and only want to stay in bed, wearing something that feels like my bed is the next best thing.

Would I wear this sports bra if I wanted a healthy amount of support and a mesh panel in the back for prime airflow? Yes. Would I also wear this sports bra as a regular crop top because it's that cute? Also yes.

OK, OK, before you say, "Theresa, I do not need a 100th pair of black leggings," let me make the case for these bad boys. Aside from the cute pink waistband, these leggings are made with PUMA's dryCELL technology to wick away sweat and moisture, and the flatlock stitching pattern makes them supremely comfortable. Would one more pair really hurt?

Honestly, this is another sports bra I'd wholeheartedly also wear as a crop top. Bible. But enough of that. The seafoam green colorway is trendy as ever, and the multiple back straps and removable padding offer as much or as little support as you prefer.

Running enthusiasts, these are for you. The dryCELL and Thermo R+ technology are all at work in these leggings, so no annoying moisture or body temperature issues will hold you back. Even more, the unassuming reflective strips help to keep you seen when visibility is otherwise low.

This track jacket did not come to play. The high-neck silhouette with a white arm stripe is a timeless classic — one that works with any type of workout clothes you have on, as well as your everyday outfits. This zip-up will quickly become a wardrobe staple for you. Trust.

A sneaker as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional? Literally say no more; it's in my cart already. The grey, green, and peach gradient on the sole makes my brain light up with everyday outfit ideas, but the RS-X³'s features make sure it'll hold up just as well in the gym, too.

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking, I know, I know. But this shirt just screams versatility. I can visualize myself in this top, the above sneakers, and a pair of shorts working in the gym just as easily as I can see it tucked into a pair of cuffed mom jeans and white sneakers.

It's my belief that everyone needs at least one pair of really loud leggings — just one brightly-colored pair that say, "Look at me go! I'm doing the damn thing, and I look good." With all the effective features of PUMA's other leggings, these coral-colored beauties are ready to be your "doing the damn thing" item.

These sneakers are doing everything right. They're bold with a mix of colors and textures. They're designed to with grip in mind. They're created to be as supportive as they are comfortable. And? They'll look freaking great in your closet.