These Matching Workout Sets Look Expensive AF, But They're All Under $75

Fashion Nova // Revolve

Outdoor Voices is to activewear what Glossier is to makeup and skincare. The trendy brand is known for its ace matching workout sets that merge function and fashion as well as its top-notch marketing efforts that have convinced everyone and their mom to buy into their offerings. Look in any influencer or editor or generally active woman's closet and chances are you'll find a bra and leggings by the brand. I love Outdoor Voices as much as the next person but my wallet simply can't afford to stock an entire workout wardrobe by the brand. Luckily, there are plenty of other places to score matching sets that are extremely affordable and still pack a stylish punch.

Below, I rounded up the 20 best find for under $75 (most are under $50) that will make you excited to hit the gym or the pavement. From vibrant patterns to more solid deigns, shorts to leggings, there's something that will fit everyone's activewear style. With warm weather officially here and a buzzy new energy in the air, there's no better time to kickstart your fitness routine into high gear and treat yourself to some new outfits to do it in. Working out should make you sweat, but shopping shouldn't have to.

Pink Lady

Turn pink into your ultimate power color by making it your gym uniform. Red accents will help you feel extra fierce.

Fronds For Life

Whether you're headed to yoga or out on a run, this leaf print set will add a tranquil feel to your workout.

Biker Babe

Bike shorts are trending inside and outside of the gym but this pair is most definitely made to be sweated in.

Crop To It

This workout set is incredibly sleek thanks to its cropped tee and bike short combo. Exposed red stitching give it an extra trendy look and tbh, I'd live in this set all day.

Solid Choice
Sun Soaked

If this doesn't make you want to go outside and bathe in all of the sun's bright and happy glory then I don't know what will.

Cotton Candy

Like to rock a lot of color but feel like full on rainbow is too bright? This multicolored pastel duo is the perfect answer.

Full Bloom

A retro floral print gets an aquatic update via a beautiful blue color palette—do you not feel calmed from just looking at it?

Wild Thing

Double up on your fierceness at the gym by wearing a leopard print set. The bright blue hue gives it an unexpected spin.

Rosy Disposition

Seamless leggings are so comfy, no matter which workout style you're into. They're even better when they come in a pretty floral hue.

That's Sweet

More pink, but in a different style. These leggings featuring rosy panels are super trendy, so grab them at a steal price while you can!

Seeing Spots

The coolest part of this set is definitely the sports bra, which features a cool keyhole design that makes it look high brow AF.

Swoosh, There It Is

Because you can literally never go wrong with Nike.

To Dye For

Yes, the tie dye trend extends to activewear too! This is another set I'd wear on the regular—the shorts would look awesome paired with a faded band tee and sneakers.

Connect The Dots
Mesh Well

Okay, Old Navy—I see you and your super cute activewear! I would've never thought this set, which is one of my favorites, would be from the retailer. Way to surprise!

It's A Classic

The star of this duo is definitely the tri-color shorts, which feature a bubblegum pink band and cool Nike logo.