These Affordable Matching Workout Sets Will Make Your Routine *That* Much Better


I’m a firm believer in feeling cute while working out. Whether you like to go to spin classes or run around your neighborhood or do yoga inside your apartment, putting on an outfit that makes you feel good makes working out so much easier, in my opinion. If your workout wear feels a little bleh and you want some ‘fits to wear when you’re getting fit (sorry), I've rounded up some super affordable matching workout sets to get you started.

Working out is a great way to have some “me” time. You can’t read any emails, answer any calls, or talk to pretty much anyone in the outside world. It’s a time to check in with yourself and your body. Actually wanting to wear your workout clothes definitely makes it easier to get started on those workouts — and self-care is always a little bit more fun when you feel pampered.

Even if you don’t love the gym, athleisure is fashion on its own. You could just as easily rock any of the below sets to the store, on your day off, or at a 5k. Although it sometimes feels like workout clothes can be so expensive for something you only wear for part of your day to sweat in, there are great deals out there on items that are functional, cute, and cool. Check out some matching workout sets below.

Short And Sweet

If you get really sweaty and hot while working out, shorts are a great solution. Keeping your legs bare offers more space for your skin to cool down. These funky patterns are also perfect for wherever the day takes you before or after your workout.

Workout Anywhere

Girlfriend has this super simple set available in more than 10 colors. The leggings are a stretchy, compressive fabric made from recycled water bottles, so you’ll feel good while helping out planet Earth. The fabric is perfect for all kinds of workouts, from running to weights to, as the Girlfriend website puts it, “binge-watching true crime.” Not to mention, you get a sports bra and crop top all in one.

Pretty Patterns

As classic and chic as a tonal workout set can be, adding in a pattern is a great way to spice up your workout closet. Even if the pattern is on the subtler side, having more colors in your outfit always sparks a little more joy in a strenuous process.

Cool Camo

Camo’s moment will probably never end, and All in Motion’s black-and-gray camo sets balance subtlety with the usual boldness of camo. The sports bras feature a zipper in the front which adds a little bling (and the opportunity for some extra breathing room) to your look. The material wicks moisture away to help keep you cool, and there are even side pockets on the leggings.

Live In Color

I love pedal pushers for everything. They’re a great way to remain cool without risking any thigh chafing. If I could, I would wear bike shorts with every outfit. Girlfriend’s stylish (and recycled) set is available in 12 different colors, so you can be as bright or neutral as you want.

All Black Everything

There’s nothing wrong with an all-black outfit. Not only is it easy to mix and match your other pieces together if you add a black set into your wardrobe, but it also always looks chic. You could easily wear either of these sets to a Zumba class or on a night out.

Stay On Track

Matching tracksuits are back in, so you might as well feel like Paris Hilton during your workout. Although these tracksuits are more suited for working out than the Juicy Couture ones from your middle school days, you don’t lose any of the style or flair.

Neon Lights

Neon yellow — what else do you need? No matter what kind of mood you’re in, putting on this outfit will brighten your spirits. The bike shorts have three handy pockets to keep your phone, keys, and cards safe during all your activities, and the strappy bra boasts a funky design and is very supportive.


If you are a runner or spinner, these two sets are perfect for leg days. Both of these sets promise to keep you cool during high-impact activities like running, biking, and training. They’re great for those days when you want to push your limits.

Tank U, Next

With hot weather on the way, a tank top and shorts combo can go a long way in keeping you cool. These are extremely breathable options since, unlike leggings or bike shorts, they don’t cling to the body. A tank top is also a great option for staying cool without showing any midriff if that’s not your style.