9 Athleisure Accessories That'll Keep You Warm, Cozy, & Trendy In The Winter

by Georgina Berbari

Getting myself to work out during the coldest months of the year is basically like trying to convince myself that getting a root canal is actually a good time. With a lot of coaxing and self-motivation, I can ultimately make it happen, but in the end, it's just painful AF and highly regrettable the minute I walk out the door. Yes, I realize that I'm being extremely dramatic, but what can I say? I despise the cold. The only thing that makes it a little more tolerable is shopping for the best workout clothes for winter, so that I'm at least lookin' cute and feeln' cozy during my icy journey to the weight room.

Let's be real: When winter rolls around, it can feel like all of your adorable, strappy sports bras and mesh cutout leggings are permanently hidden by chunky sweatshirts and dull, fleece snow pants. The stylish days of exercising seem to be long behind you, and using a cute outfit as an incentive to get your body moving just doesn't appear to be a thing anymore.

But you don't have to give up all hope for looking trendy during your sweat sesh this season. The next time the thermostat drops uncomfortably low, whip out one of these nine cozy athleisure accessories that will keep you warm without sacrificing style in the process.

Insulated Tights That Will Keep You Toasty AF


The fabric on these classy leggings will keep you warm and dry through even the coldest of weather conditions. I'm looking at you, resident joggers who literally never skip a run, even if it means you're knee-deep in frozen precipitation.

Oh yes, these bad boys will be your new BFF all through winter.

An Ear Warmer That Doesn't Look Completely Lame

Wool Be Cozy Ear Warmer, $38, Lululemon

Let's face it, most ear warmers that actually keep your head remotely insulated are actually ugly AF. But Lululemon has saved all of humanity once again by making this baby totally stylish (without being the consistency of toilet paper).

Your earlobes will definitely thank you for this purchase, fam.

Wool Gloves With A Pop Of Color

Light & Bright Mittens, $42, Lululemon

Whether you're skiing, snowboarding, running, or ice skating, these fashionable gloves will keep your fingers happy in just about any active outfit.

TBH, I'd gotten so used to those chunky, industrial-looking winter gloves that I didn't even realize stylish ones existed anymore. Bless up.

A Warm Hoodie For A Good Cause
Under Armour

UA Power In Pink, $40, Under Armour

This ultra soft, hot pink sweatshirt includes a luxurious fleece fabric with an extra warm interior for those chilly trips to your favorite fitness studio.

What's even better is that Under Armour made all of these sweatshirts to help raise awareness about breast health, so like, how is this not in your shopping cart already?

A Neck Warmer You'll Never Want To Take Off

Run It Out Neck Warmer, $28, Lululemon

Pounding the pavement when it's frigid as hell is a difficult task, but with this neck warmer, you might actually look forward to your winter run.

Personally, I wear this baby everywhere, even when I'm not working out. It's that good.

A Stylish Vest That's Versatile AF
Yoga Outlet

Betsey Johnson Quilted Neoprene Hybrid Workout Vest, $50, Yoga Outlet

It's vest season my friends, and this chic cover-up will accompany you everywhere as you hustle between the gym and the office.

The sleek black, textured material is super elegant, and you can layer it over essentially anything for a boost of fashion-forward fitness motivation.

A Soft And Casual Jacket For Chilly Days
Yoga Outlet

Satva Aaliyah After Yoga Jacket, $44, Yoga Outlet

If you hit up yoga on the reg, you know the struggle that comes with painfully peeling off your winter layers in preparation for class. It's freaking cold, and no one wants to strip immediately upon getting comfy on their mat.

Luckily, you can keep this comfy jacket on as long as you want. It'll move with your body all the way from downward dog to tree pose.

Fleece Pants For Lounging Indoors And Out

Sportswear Rally Relaxed Fleece Pants, $45, Macy's

If I could wear one pair of sweatpants every day for the rest of my life, I would choose these heavenly Nikes.

Layer them over leggings if you're going to be outdoors for a while, or simply sport them in the weight room when you're making those winter #gains.

Vibrant Leg Warmers That Are Totally Trendy
Yoga Outlet

Toesox Open Heel Leg Warmers, $22, Yoga Outlet

Thank goodness leg warmers are making a comeback, because they're honestly the best thing that's ever happened to me and my yoga routine.

These bad boys are the most stylish way to warm up your muscles, and they'll add a pop of color to just about any athleisure ensemble.