The best "You Can Only Keep 3" memes ask you to choose between some of your favorite movies.

The "You Can Only Keep 3" Meme Will Have You Making Some Tough Pop Culture Choices

The latest challenge to take over the Twitterverse is all about tough choices. With much of the country currently self-quarantining amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, a number of entertaining challenges asking users to do everything from picking their dream quarantine partner to perfecting the most viral TikTok trends have taken social media by storm — and these best "You can only keep three" memes are no different.

During the week of April 6, the challenge began to sweep Twitter with accounts like IMDb sharing their own templates for people to weigh in on. This meme isn't for the indecisive, as it asks individuals to "keep three" of their favorite things from a selection of options. You can then share your thoughts on your social media platform of choice or, if you want to get the conversation started about something new, create your very own template asking your friends to make some tough decisions that will get the debate flowing.

From horror movie villains and classic films to iconic leading ladies and men, there are plenty of pop culture choices to make. If you're not a cinephile, you can make your voice known with choices on best fast food and snacks. Here are some of the best memes going around right now. Get ready to make some surprisingly difficult choices.

The "You can only keep three" challenge might remind you of the celebrity quarantine house meme that asks people to choose their ideal social distancing partners from six different potential "houses." Each of these hypothetical houses have five different occupants inside ranging from celebrities to royalty to comedians — and the creator didn't make it easy by putting some unlikely and ostracizing pairings in the mix.

Originally created by Instagram user Instagram user @Savannah_Locke, the meme has spawned countless spin-offs basically challenging people to find the best combination of public figures, dogs, athletes, and more. Unsurprisingly, there's also been plenty of debate about which of these houses would be the best to quarantine in, and people are having fun sharing their opinions on social media.

With both of these memes currently trending on Twitter, you can head to the social media platform and share your thoughts or challenge your followers to some all-new choices with your own spin on the memes.

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