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Put On Your #CoolAunt Crown & Do These 10 TikTok Challenges With Your Niece

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As a cool aunt, you'll take any chance you can get to spend time with your adorable niece. If you happen to be quarantined together due to COVID-19, it's time to do something fresh at home with your favorite kid in the world. Since you may spend a lot of your free time scrolling through TikTok, you're familiar with the trending dances and some of the best TikTok challenges to do with your niece.

You can do these TikTok challenges with your roomie, bestie, or sibling as well, but they're especially cute when you try them with your fave kid (because they make literally everything more adorbs). If you like to bake together, record yourselves whipping up cookies in the kitchen. Not only will you get a TikTok vid that's worthy of a million views, but some cookies to enjoy, too. There are also dance challenges that are super simple and fun to nail down.

Of course, some of the sweetest ideas blossom from simply spending time together building forts, racing through homemade obstacle courses, and playing dress-up. The possibilities are never-ending when it comes to TikTok trends, so it's time for you to wear that #CoolAunt crown with pride and get to TikTok-ing.

The #RowRowRowYourBoat Challenge

A song you and your niece are likely very familiar with is "Row Row Row Your Boat." Instead of singing it for the one millionth time, you can dance to it with the #RowRowRowYourBoat challenge. This super cute dance has pretty easy steps to follow, so you'll both be stars in no time.

The #DominosChallenge

Use items around your house like books or shoe boxes to build the ultimate dominoes set-up through your living room. The bigger the set-up you make together, the more satisfying it'll be when you start to knock them over. Just remember to use a cute song and #DominosChallenge when you're posting your final video.

The #JumpChallenge

If you and your niece have a ton of energy and you want to let it all out, a #JumpChallenge can be a fun way to do just that. It's very similar to the #LevelUp Challenge where you set up a stack of boxes or toilet paper, and try to jump over them. With each successful jump, you add another level to make it harder.

The #TikTokFashion Challenge

One of your favorite activities to do with your niece may be playing dress-up. Well, now you can have a little bit more fun by making a #TikTokFashion video when you're trying on different looks. Show off your favorite princess dress or matching outfits, and then, use a jump transition to change into a completely new 'fit.

The #ObstacleCourse Challenge

Another TikTok challenge you can do when your niece is bursting with energy is the #ObstacleCourse challenge. Use your design skills to create the most epic obstacle course for your niece. Follow along as she completes every step of the course, and use "Eye of the Tiger" as your background music to fit the mood.

The #WowYouCanReallyDance Challenge

Another dance you can test out is the #WowYouCanReallyDance challenge. There really are no set steps, you just have to face each other and dance to the song "Coincidance." This is just a super silly challenge that will get you both moving and laughing together.

The #PutItInABun Challenge

If your niece loves when you style her hair, there's even a TikTok for that. The next time she asks you to play with her hair, style it in two adorable buns as part of the #PutItInABun challenge. It really is that simple, and you can even style your own hair the same so you're #twinning.

The #FavoriteMemories Challenge

Every chance you get to spend with your niece automatically goes into the #FavoriteMemories category. This throwback challenge has people recreating old pics set to the song "I'm Just A Kid" by Simple Plan. Find one of the first pics of you and your niece together, and recreate it for a super cute, nostalgia-filled video.

The #TikTokRestArea Challenge

One of the latest TikTok trends is creating a peaceful rest area for anyone who's scrolling through to stop and relax for a bit. With your niece's help, make a super cozy rest area together. It could be a comfy reading nook or super dreamy blanket fort. Whatever it ends up being, use #TikTokRestArea and record yourselves chilling together in your new oasis.

The #BakingRecipe Challenge

When you're not playing dress-up or running around in the backyard, another favorite thing to do with your niece might be baking something sweet. Now is the time to put on your chefs' hats and do the #BakingRecipe challenge. Share your favorite recipe and watch the likes start rolling in as you enjoy some cookies or brownies.

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