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The 10 Best Breakup Songs Of 2019, So You Can Hum As You Heal


Sometimes, after a breakup, all you want to do is lie in bed and reread old texts from your ex. While it's important to take time to process and feel all your feelings, taking a moment to remember how strong and amazing you are can give you a little jump start on your healing. Whether you're finally ready to put on pants with an actual fly or you're starting to box up all your exes stuff, consider these 10 best breakup songs of 2019 the soundtrack to your single life.

Though there's no easy way to recover from heartbreak, listening to inspiring music can be a great way to express yourself. From cranking up some tunes and belting it out in the shower, to hitting up a dive bar for some powerhouse karaoke with all of your besties, breakup songs are here to help you reclaim your power and restart your life. And while playing your old favorites can be soothing, hearing a new track can give you something to be excited about as you recover from your breakup.

If you're looking for some bops to help you mend your broken heart, here are the 10 most inspiring breakup songs from 2019.

"Truth Hurts" By Lizzo
You're supposed to hold me down, but now you're holding me back. And that's the sound of me not calling you back.
"thank u, next" By Ariana Grande
She taught me love, she taught me patience. How she handles pain? What sh*t's amazing.
"Lose You To Love Me" By Selena Gomez
I needed to lose you to find me.
"Party" By The Bralettes
You always say that you're going to change, but everything just stays the same.
"Buy My Own Drinks" By Runaway June
I can buy my own drinks. I can pay my own tab. At the end of the night, when they cut all the lights, I can call my own cab.

"Cry for Me" By Camila Cabello
When I said 'I hope you're happy,' I didn't mean it. Never thought you'd be so good at moving on.
"W.A.B" By Megan Thee Stallion
Keep it cool, but I'm dramatic. Rub me wrong and get this static.
"Bags" By Clairo
I guess this could be worse, walking out the door with your bags.
"Light On" By Maggie Rogers
Oh, if you keep reaching out, then I'll keep coming back. And if you're gone for good, then I'm OK with that.
"Truth About You" By Lisa Prank
I want to scream the truth about you. I want to scream the truth about you. I want to scream the truth.