The 1 Thing You Should Do Before The End Of Summer, According To Your Zodiac Sign

While summer is known for carefree vibes, partying late at night, bikinis, and The Beach Boys, it's not just a season of relaxation. It's when the truth of your heart is revealed, making it a time to take closer look at your inner-workings. Before it's over, you're meant to do what needs to be done in order to make yourself a happier and more prosperous individual. With summer 2018 currently fighting through the retrogrades of several different planets and the debilitating effects of eclipse season, it's clear that this season isn't playing games. Instead, it's putting us through the wringer, hoping that we'll come away from it healed and renewed. Knowing the one thing you should do before the end of summer, according to your zodiac sign, will make sure that the growth you'll experience is exponential.

Although we're currently lavishing in Leo season, the end of summer is always marked by the sun entering Virgo. This zodiac sign is known for its intense level of commitment, unmatched attention to detail, and go-getter attitude, which is a clear indication of the way the end of summer should be seen. It's a time to wrap up loose ends and make a plan for the future. By taking a close look at how Virgo season affects your zodiac sign, you'll understand all the ways in which you're meant to go out with a bang. After all, summer goes by in the blink of an eye. If you wait too long to make a change, you'll miss it.

Aries: Focus On Your Health And Priorities

Time to get back to the grind, Aries. With the Virgo sun lighting up your sixth house of health, productivity, and work, you're meant to spend the end of summer organizing and detoxifying your life. Delve into a fitness regime, commit to a healthy diet, check off your to-do list, and put that work ethic of yours to good use.

Taurus: Throw An End Of Summer Party

Party it up, Taurus. When the Virgo sun blasts through your fifth house of pleasure, fun, and creativity, all signs are point to you enjoying the living daylights out of the end of summer. It's time to throw one last rager for the books, visit an amusement park, hang out on the beach, and remind yourself why life is worth living.

Gemini: Revitalize Your Living Situation

Time to spruce things up around here, Gemini. As the Virgo sun purifies your fourth house of home, family, and core values, the end of summer should be spent organizing and redecorating your space, nurturing your personal energy, catering to your closest relationships, and making sure you have a safe place for your heart to return home to.

Cancer: Express Yourself And Create Some Art

It's time to pull out the paintbrushes, poetry, and vulnerability, Cancer. The Virgo sun will shine a light on your third house of communication, and the end of summer should be spent expressing yourself, in whatever way you see fit. Perhaps this means creating art that captures your soul, writing in your journal every day, or making time to speak your truth to people you trust.

Leo: Surround Yourself With Money And Pretty Things

Get in touch with your inner material girl, Leo. When the Virgo sun glimmers in your second house of finance, possessions, and self-love, the end of summer is time to surround yourself with objects and things that make you feel like the royalty you are. Maybe this means going out of your way to make more money. Perhaps this means spending it all at the mall. You do you.

Virgo: Make A Change In Your Appearance

Take a good look in the mirror, Virgo. As the sun fires up your first house of character and the self, the end of summer should be spent revitalizing and revolutionizing your identity. It could be time to finally change your hair color. Perhaps you should finally get the tattoo you've always wanted. Hey, maybe it simply means acknowledging a shift in your truth.

Libra: Get In Touch With Your Spirituality

Are spirits calling your name, Libra? When the Virgo sun showers your 12th house of the subconscious and spirituality with purifying energy, the end of summer will be time to delve deep into your soul. Align your mind, heart, and body through meditation, yoga, or chakra cleansing. Spend time alone. Take time to be more mindful about your actions.

Scorpio: Get Involved With A Community Effort

The world needs you, Scorpio. As soon as the Virgo sun enters your 11th house of friends and community, you'll know that the end of summer will be all about cooperation and connection. Befriend a new group of people, introduce yourself to a committee or society, or join forces with people who have the same dreams that you do.

Sagittarius: Do Something Major In Your Career

It's time to become a regular Miranda Priestly, Sagittarius. When the Virgo sun enters your 10th house of career and social status, the end of summer is all about making serious moves in your world. Work on becoming the business maven you've always dreamed of being. Take a risk in your career. Show the world what you're made of.

Capricorn: Get Out Of Town And Go On An Adventure

Explore the great beyond, Capricorn. The Virgo sun will spend the end of summer in your ninth house of adventure and philosophy, which just goes to show that you need to plan one last getaway ASAP. Go somewhere strange, wild, and new, somewhere that will change you for the better and force you to grow in beautiful ways.

Aquarius: Get In Touch With Your Sexy Side

Time to really feel yourself, Aquarius. As the Virgo sun enters your eighth house of sex, death, and rebirth, it's clear the end of summer should have you focusing on your body and your desire. It will be time to get to know your sexy side, satisfy your sexual cravings and explore what makes you an animal on the inside.

Pisces: Spend Quality Time With Your Best Friends

Focus on your closest friendships and relationships, Pisces. Since the Virgo sun will spend the end of summer in your seventh house of partnerships, it will be time to concentrate on the people you're committed to. Spend time with your SO, make a commitment in a relationship, and remind someone you love exactly why you love them.