Here’s Why Tayshia Stands By Her Warning To Colton About Cassie On ‘The Bachelor’

ABC/Josh Vertucci

Tayshia was an early frontrunner for Colton's heart on this past season of The Bachelor. Her connection with Colton was undeniable, and the biggest bit of drama between them wasn't even really about Tayshia. During their one-on-one date in Denver, Colton asked Tayshia about the rumors that some of the women on the show weren't there for the right reasons. She answered by telling him that she thought Caelynn and Cassie were not ready for marriage and were only on the show for fame. But in the end, Colton did choose Cassie, and the two are in a happy relationship together. Colton didn't take Tayshia's advice to stay away from Cassie, but Tayshia stands by her warning to Colton.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tayshia said that she doesn't regret warning Colton about Cassie, even though Cassie and Colton did end up together. She said:

I do still stand by what I said. I mean, ultimately, Cassie wasn't ready for an engagement at the end, and that's what I said. I didn't make up anything.

Even though Colton and Cassie are a happy couple now, they took a bumpy road to get there. During the Fantasy Suite episode, when Cassie was one of the final three women, she told Colton that she wasn't sure she could match his feelings for her and that she wasn't ready for marriage. Of course, that led to Colton's infamous fence jump and him nearly quitting the entire show. Just like Tayshia said, Cassie truly wasn't ready for marriage and that did cause Colton a lot of hurt. Even though Cassie and Colton are together now, they're not engaged, and so Tayshia wasn't lying when she told Colton her thoughts about Cassie.

Even though Colton didn't heed Tayshia's warning, things are working out for him and Cassie. Tayshia told ET that she understands why Cassie acted the way she did, and that she is happy for Cassie and Colton. She said, "She did what was right for her and they're doing well now, so I hope that they get engaged [in the future]."

In her interview, Tayshia also admits that it her breakup with Colton was tough, but she knew that something wasn't right between them during their Fantasy Suite date. She said, "I just felt something was off [in our fantasy suite]. I think you saw it on my face the morning after the fantasy suite, I was a little hesitant." y Even though things didn't work out between Tayshia and Colton, and even though Colton didn't take her advice, Tayshia believes that things worked out for everyone in the end. She said, "I'm happy with how it went down. He obviously got his girl in the end."

After her time on The Bachelor, Tayshia walked away from the experience feeling stronger. She wrote in a post-Bachelor Instagram post: "I have proved to myself that I have a lot to offer, I do deserve to be happy, in love, and to have someone fight for me."

She told the world that Tayshia 2.0 is coming, so this probably won't be the last we hear from Tayshia.

The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, May 13 at 8 P.M. ET on ABC.