Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones' zodiac signs explain their breakup

Tayshia & JPJ's Zodiac Signs Offer Clues About Their Breakup

ABC/John Fleenor

If there’s anyone who truly defined the notion of “opposites attract” while they were together, it was John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams. When these two showed up separately to find love on Bachelor in Paradise, no one would have predicted they’d end up dating each other. But the heart wants what it wants, and they surprisingly ended the season in a relationship. Their love didn’t ultimately last, and in the wake of their breakup announcement, Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones’ zodiac signs provide some fascinating insight into what might have happened between them.

Adams and Jones have been publicly dating ever since their dramatic reveal during the BiP season finale, when Adams showed up at Jones’ home to tell him she still had feelings for him. You see, the two had dated briefly on the beach, but they had initially decided to break up when she wasn’t ready for an engagement. Then, after the show was over, Adams decided to give their relationship another shot. Tay-PJ fans rejoiced, and the couple shared photos and videos of them hanging out several times throughout September and October (despite breakup rumors that continued to surface).

Then, on Oct. 30, Adams revealed on Instagram that the relationship was officially over. “John and I had something incredibly special,” she wrote. “We fell for each other in Paradise, and everything was a whirlwind after that.” She went on to explain that the couple struggled to maintain their relationship while living on opposite coasts. “We truly did the best we could, but at this time have decided that what is best for the both of us is to go our separate ways,” Adams wrote. “We are the best of friends and will continue to remain in each other’s life because regardless of the situation, we make each other happy.”

When looking at their zodiac signs, it’s clear that these two have very different approaches to love and relationships. Adams is a Virgo born on Sept. 4, a sensible earth sign that wants to share a faithful, committed bond with someone. Jones is a Sagittarius born on Dec. 8, a fire sign that is more interested in novelty and adventure than in settling down. And these conflicting viewpoints can create problems for a couple down the line.

When a Sagittarius decides they want to pursue someone, they fall hard and fast for that person. Jones developed feelings for Adams early on during Bachelor in Paradise, and after that point, he was unwavering in his desire to date her exclusively. Adams, a deliberate Virgo, took longer to make up her mind. Virgos are extremely hesitant to reveal their insecurities to someone. They’re perfectionists, and their sharp inner criticism makes them vulnerable to hurt feelings and heartbreak.

That said, once a Virgo decides to commit, they’re all in. The problem is that the Sagittarius partner might have already lost interest by this point. Sagittarians often feel stifled when they actually get into a relationship, and their independent streak begins to show.

This is compounded by the fact that Virgos and Sagittarians are both mutable signs, meaning they sometimes struggle to understand who they really are and what they’re looking for. Talking about feelings doesn't come naturally for either of them. This means that unless they’re super diligent about establishing trust, they’re likely to question one another’s every decision. They have a lot to learn from each other’s opposing personalities, but this can also make them feel disconnected and resentful when they can’t find common ground.

As an insider source told E! News after the breakup, Adams and Jones ultimately wanted different things. "They definitely really liked each other, but Tayshia is older than JPJ and in the long term needs somebody a little more mature," the source explained. "She is just more realistic about it, and they still had a lot of getting to know each other to do after the show." But the source insisted that Adams and Jones weren’t “that serious” anyway. "They weren't ever going to move in together," the source noted. "It was just a fun fling and ran its course and didn't end up working out."

When you examine this zodiac sign pairing, it’s not a huge surprise that this relationship has come to an end. Regardless, it was a blast to watch while it lasted. And knowing Adams and Jones, they won’t stop entertaining fans on social media — and maybe future BiP seasons? — even now that they’ve gone their separate ways.