JPJ & Tayshia Posted The Cutest IG Stories, So Bye-Bye Breakup Rumors

John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams shocked Bachelor Nation when they revealed they got back together during After The Final Rose. Honestly, these two were so unpredictable during their time on Bachelor In Paradise, that whatever outcome was fated for their relationship would have been a surprise. But amid breakup rumors and speculation that their relationship is "fake," John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams' Instagram stories make those rumors look like just that: rumors.

In Instagram Stories posted by both Tayshia and JPJ on Monday, Sept. 30, the couple can be seen driving around in the car, out to lunch, and happily hanging out with friends and fellow Bachelor Nation cast members Kristina Schulman, Sydney Lotuaco, Tracey Shapoff, Kristian Haggerty, and even fan favorite Mike Johnson. In the clips where they're out to lunch in Beverly Hills, JPJ and Tayshia are laughing, flirting, and seem to be having a great time — definitely not the type of behavior you'd see from two people who don't date anymore.

Speculation that their relationship is fake started when blogger Stephen Carbone (aka, Reality Steve) tweeted a spoiler during the After The Final Rose special that said Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton were still dating at the time the special aired. However, Carbone said JPJ and Tayshia weren't together anymore. The show was reportedly taped on Aug. 27, but it didn't air until Sept. 17, so Carbone claimed that sometime between those two dates, the couple called it quits. On Sept. 18, Tayshia posted an adorable IG pic of herself with JPJ hanging out by a pool, with the caption, "TAYPJ for the win! 😋" seemingly contradicting Carbone's claims. When a fan commented, "Reality Steve says y'all are no longer together. 🤷" Tayshia commented, "guess what... he's wrong!!!!! 😉"

Tayshia Adams/Instagram
John Paul Jones/Instagram
John Paul Jones/Instagram

Carbone followed up with a tweet, saying, "I see what Tayshia and JPJ are posting. I'm just telling you what I'm hearing." And because Carbone is seldom wrong about his spoilers and predictions, it's easy to doubt whether or not Tayshia and JPJ are actually dating. Thankfully, their latest Instagram stories pretty much make it clear they seem nothing but happy. And if their own stories aren't proof enough, Sydney's IG story of them making out should do the trick.

Sydney Lotuaco/Stocksy

In case you weren't keeping up with these two during Bachelor In Paradise, JPJ was instantly smitten with Tayshia on the beach in Mexico. After Tayshia went on a date with Blake Horstmann and realized she didn't want to be tangled up in his love drama (good for her, honestly), she began to respond enthusiastically to JPJ's flirtation. They were having a great time, until Demi Burnett broke things off with Derek Peth to pursue her now-fiancée, Kristian. Derek began flirting with Tayshia, and Tayshia seemed to be into it, saying Derek seemed like a better, more serious match for her. But ultimately (and after an ugly confrontation between the two men), Tayshia and JPJ started hanging out again, and Derek went home.

At the end of the season, JPJ told Tayshia he was in love with her. It was sweet, but Tayshia didn't feel the same way and told him she wanted to "get there," but was not there yet. They decided to go their separate ways during a tear-filled goodbye... until After The Final Rose happened. The post-show special revealed that after filming wrapped, Tayshia traveled to Maryland, where JPJ lives, to attempt to win him back. He asked her to be his girlfriend, and the couple decided to pursue a long-distance relationship for the time being. (Although, JPJ did reportedly tell Us Weekly that he thinks moving to L.A. "is potentially on the horizon," so who knows how much longer they'll be long-distance?)

Clearly, JPJ and Tayshia have been through a lot together, but they seem pretty content with their relationship as it seems to be now. They've shut down those pesky breakup rumors time and time again, so uh, can they live? Here's hoping these two are in it for the long haul. I can't wait to see what's in store for them next!