Tati Westbrook Responded To Fans' Complaints About Ripped Blendiful Tools

Tati Westbrook/YouTube

Following a whirlwind few months of the successful launch of Tati Beauty's Textured Neutrals Vol. 1 Palette and the "game-changing" Blendiful tools, the brand hit a minor bump in the road. After some consumers reported that they experienced issues such as rips, tears, and stubborn stains with their Blendiful tools, Tati Westbrook responded to the Blendiful drama in an attempt to clear the air and customer concerns. Strap in, because Westbrook had a lot to say in her 45-minute video.

On Friday, Jan. 10, Tati Beauty launched The Blendiful, after teasing the product for quite some time. The Blendiful turned out to be a pack of one large and one small blending tool, similar to the velour puffs makeup artists use for powder and to prevent smudging while applying makeup. While the product received pretty good reviews from several beauty YouTubers, fans took to Twitter not long after the launch to address some issues they'd experienced with their Blendifuls.

Most notably, some fans found their Blendifuls had ripped open along the seam after the first few washes, while others claimed stains from their liquid and powder products wouldn't come out of the tool, no matter how many times they washed it.

In her video posted on Monday, Feb. 3, Westbrook attempted to quell any panic surrounding whether or not the Blendiful was safe to use, claiming she had seen rumors of a Blendiful recall starting to circulate. "I want to make it wildly known — loudly known — that this is not a recalled product. It's not a bad product. There are no major issues with the Blendiful, and I'm gonna break everything down for you guys, so that you better understand it," she said in the video. "Because sometimes, when you hop onto social media as a whole, we are somehow conditioned to just look at the negative, and we think the negative is the dominating factor. With this, it absolutely is not."

She went on to mention that she had shown potential customers clips of how she uses her Blendiful in an announcement video released just before the tool dropped. She said she felt her short tutorial clips, along with the instructions listed on her website, were enough "to get everybody going." At around the 14:20 mark in that video, Westbrook described her own washing process for her Blendifuls, which involves lightly hand-washing it with soap and water and either letting it sit overnight to dry or gently blow-drying it. She also said, if she's washing a few at once, she'll put them in a lingerie bag and and put them in the washing machine.

Although it's unclear exactly what caused customers' Blendifuls to rip, it seems their washing processes didn't go as smoothly as Westbrook's. Later on in her most recent video, Westbrook said she wants to make sure she does right by anyone unsatisfied with their product and urged consumers to contact Tati Beauty's customer service so they can receive a replacement. And for some customers, it seems that process has been painless.

If you've run into issues with your Blendiful, you can visit the Tati Beauty website for information on how to contact customer service.