Twitter Is Just As Pumped For Tati Westbrook's New Blendiful Tool As You Are

The second YouTuber and beauty brand owner Tati Beauty uploaded the reveal video for her brand's second product launch, I immediately started watching. Normally, I scroll through comments while watching videos to guage my fellow viewers' opinions, but because I was so early to view, the pickings were slim. Instead, I decided to check out all the tweets about Tati Beauty's Blendiful, and 'twas there I found a gold mine of opinions. As usual, the beauty community on Twitter had ~some thoughts~, so read on for all that was said.

When Tati Westbrook announced her very first beauty product, the Textured Neutrals Palette Vol. 1, it was met with tons of praise. Who doesn't love a good neutral palette, am I right? That said, the pressure was on for Tati Beauty's second product drop to be just as good, and no one expected tools over color cosmetics. That said, fans were shook to find that the second launch would be the Blendiful, an oversized puff (with smaller Baby Blendiful option!) ideal for blending, baking, and more. Beauty sponges, you've officially been challenged! Westbrook claims her product is a complexion game-changer.

Westbrook debuted the Blendiful in a YouTube video on her channel:

Once the newness was revealed, fans were more than ready to stock up:

Many praised Westbrook for being innovative, and not coming out with a classic beauty sponge:

Plenty of fans also thanked Westbrook for selling the Blendiful at a reasonable pricepoint. The tool comes in a two-pack containing one full-size and one Baby Blendiful for $18.

Fans felt it was the perfect price for the puffs:

It looks like Tati Beauty is off to a great start in 2020, and whether you're a die-hard beauty sponge fan or a classic makeup brush user, it might be worthwhile to give the Blendiful a try. Apparently, everyone else plans to! If you're interested in trying something new, check out the Tati Beauty website on January 10, when the new tool and a restock of the Textured Neutrals Palette go live.