Tati Westbrook Officially Showcased How Her Blendiful Tool Works

Attention all beauty and YouTube lovers, Tati Westbrook is back at it again with another incredible drop, and and this time, it's a beauty tool! ICYMI, the Tati Beauty Blendiful has officially been announced, and while I loved the look of Textured Neutrals palette, I'm even more thrilled to see that Westbrook has created a product applicator as her brand's second launch. I can totally justify another new tool in my collection!

Ever since the brand debuted back in October 2019, I've been patiently waiting for its second product drop. Textured Neutrals Vol. 1 was a huge hit, but as a gal with a drawer full of stunning neutral shadow palettes, I decided to pass and wait to see what Westbrook dropped next. When she hinted at newness coming January 10 in a recent YouTube video, I was pumped. "What's around the corner is gonna blow your mind," she said, and spoiler alert, it totally did. While I didn't expect the Blendiful to be Tati Beauty's second release, I admit it looks incredible. Retailing at $18 for a set of one full-size and one Baby Blendiful, the oversized gray powder puff is meant to be a game-changer for any beauty routine.

Tati Westbrook/YouTube

"This is something makeup artists have used for years, and it's always blown my mind that it wasn't available everywhere you turned, that every brand didn't have their own version of this," shared Westbrook, who noted that sponges and brushes have been the two biggest players in the mainstream makeup application realm. According to Westbrook, it's time powder puffs made a comeback, and after seeing her use the Blendiful in action, I'm all for it.

This thing looks incredible! While some might deem it simple, I've seen Westbrook put a lot of beauty tools to the teston her channel, so if she says the Blendiful is a game-changer, I believe her. Oh, and if you are tryna get your hands on Textured Neutrals, too, the iconic palette will be restocked when Blendiful drops, so you might as well place one big order. Shop both products come January 10 on the Tati Beauty website, and prepare for your most glam year yet.