Beauty YouTubers Have Lots Of Thoughts On Tati Beauty's Blendiful Tool

Tati Beauty

Tati Beauty finally launched its second product at the beginning of January 2020, and the reviews of Tati Westbrook's Blendiful tool are starting to roll in. And so far, it seems lots of beauty YouTubers are fans. A fairly innovative design, the Blendiful is not like a traditional brush, sponge, or puff, but rather it features an entirely new design, and comes in a pack with one large Blendiful and one Baby Blendiful. When the tool was first announced, fans were on the fence about its pricing. (One pack retails for $18.) However, now that internet makeup gurus have gotten their hands on the product, nearly all the reviews have been, well, pretty good.

One major theme multiple YouTube beauty gurus addressed was that because the Blendiful is unlike any tool, and there's a bit of a learning curve with using it. Allie Glines, Manny Mua, Edgar's Makeup, and Jen Luvs Reviews each struggled a bit with figuring out the best way to use the tool, be it tapping on the face or wiping in sweeping motions. Manny Mua noted in his cons column that the Blendiful is more of a "pro product," so it takes some playing with to get a feel for. (Although, this was one of only two cons he listed.)

Glines, a self-taught makeup artist from Utah with 626K subscribers on YouTube did an immensely comprehensive review on the Blendiful. She did a full face look only using the tool, as well as wash, wear, and touch-up tests. After applying her foundation, Glines said, "It's kind of reminds me of a sponge...but I feel like you have more control." The YouTuber went on to apply concealer, cream contour, bronzer, and translucent powder all with ease with the Blendiful tool. "I just felt like I was able to achieve a very, very smooth and blended look ... It really blew me away."

If you have a more oily or acne-prone complexion, Edgar's Makeup review is for you. A skeptic of sponge products, the beauty guru was clearly impressed by the tool early on. "The things I enjoyed most about it was how quickly I was able to do my makeup. Also in that quickness, it also had an amazing finish," Edgar said after using the Blendiful for both overall complexion coverage and more precise application. "I will say that ... on my problem areas, they're not necessarily poking through, but I feel like they're borderline wanting to poke through." As for the Baby Blendiful, Edgar says he can live without it. But would he recommend the tool in general? "Absolutely."

If you are really unsure about whether Tati Beauty's Blendiful is worth the price, Jen Luvs Reviews tried the Blendiful compared to a $2.50 four-pack of velour puffs. While she heralds the softness and quickness of the Blendiful, overall, Jen says, "[The velour puff] worked. The finish of it is almost exactly the same ... I do think the Blendiful does a better job ... but not by a ton." Perhaps the most telling part of the video is when the YouTuber said, "I do really like the Blendiful a lot. Do I like it better than my other tools? No, not really. Do I like it just as much as some of my other tools? Yeah, I do."

The YouTube beauty influencers have spoken, and it looks like they're mostly support of the Blendiful, though generally no one had much to say on the Baby Blendiful. If you are looking for a tool that gives you a quick, soft, airbrushed look, and you want a more luxurious feel while you do it, grab yourself a Blendiful ($18, Tati Beauty). Is it time to start asking about the next Tati Beauty product yet?