You Can Get Up To 90% Off At Tarte Right Now Thanks To 2 Different Promotions

Ever heard of Christmas in July? What about Cyber Monday in July? Apparently, Tarte is totally trying to make the latter a "thing," as the Tarte Cosmetics' Summer 2019 Sale has just begun, and believe me, it's a good one. Like, a ~70% off~ good one. Do I have your attention? I thought so — read on for all the details, including which products you should Add to Cart ASAP.

Tarte Cosmetics sales are always pretty major, and this time around, the brand took to Instagram to let fans know about what they claimed would be their "hottest sale of the year." Safe to say that had my attention! "Head to NOW & get up to 70% off select goods," Tarte wrote in an Instagram caption. "Want an EXTRA 20% OFF? Enter code: CYBER!" the post continued. The sale runs until July 29, so even if you're just finding all this out now, it's not too late to take advantage of the deals. Still, I immediately exited Instagram and went directly to the Tarte site as soon as I heard. Who could blame me?

Rest assured, though, the deals are still happening, and so many of my fave products are on sale:

This sale has everything from foundations to brushes to mascaras in the mix, but the products catching my eye are the palettes. I feel like Tarte is constantly bringing out adorable palettes I can't always justify splurging on, so to get them up to 70% off (With an extra 20% off using code "CYBER," no less!) is too good a deal to resist.

The first to catch my eye is the Be A Mermaid & Make Waves Eyeshadow Palette ($35, originally $42,

Talk about a summer staple! I love the variety of colors, from shimmery neutrals like "Nude Beach" and "Mermosa" to standout, sea-inspired shades like "Splash," "Bubbles," and "Lagoon." Bonus points for the seashell packaging.

If you're more into pink, you'll definitely prefer the Love, Trust, & Fairy Dust Cheek & Eye Palette ($25, originally $39,

These warm, pinky eyeshadows are arranged as petals of a flower, with the center giving way to a shimmering highlighter called "Flower Crown." Gorgeous! TBH, I'd also throw "Flower Crown" on my inner corners for a little bonus eye-brightening.

If you're wanting a little bit of everything, the Make Believe In Yourself Palette ($17, originally $40, is the move:

Um, hi, that's ten eyeshadows and one highlighter for just $17! And that's without the additional 20% off! Oh, Tarte, how you spoil us.

Maybe you want a palette but you're all stocked up on eyeshadows? The Wipeout Color-Correcting Palette ($25, originally $45, is a total steal:

This baby includes an orange to balance darkness, a green to neutralize redness, a warm shade to sculpt with, two peaches to conceal, and a yellow to brighten. What more could you ask for?

I doubt you need more incentive to shop this massive sale, but just in case, here's an extra sprinkling of "Wow." Right now, orders over $40 quality for free shipping and a bonus free sample. Yeah, I think I've said enough — I'll meet you over on the Tarte site in five. Happy shopping!