Peachy Queen's '90s-Inspired Palette Channels Everyone's Favorite Era With Bold, Sparkly Shadows

There was once a point and time when I could only discover new brands and products by strolling through the aisles of Sephora; now, scrolling through Instagram is the easiest way to explore the beauty realm, and I've found some of my favorite brands in the process. Sometimes these Insta-brands remain hidden gems, cherished by a passionate few, but occasionally, a brand will launch a product so major that it skyrockets to viral status. If you've seen the latest of these must-have hits and are wondering where to buy Peachy Queen's 90's Baby Eye Shadow Palette, get ready to wow your Furbies, Tamagotchis, and Troll Dolls with your makeup skills, because this palette is coming in hot for summer 2019.

If you haven't purchased from indie brand Peachy Queen before, I can confirm that they are small but mighty, and very, very fun. They sell a variety of products and tools, but their statement eyeshadow palettes are by far the most popular picks. Whenever I whip out my Kush Queen Palette ($34, while getting ready on a girls' night out, all my friends want to borrow it and swatch its fun hues, not to mention share a laugh at the weed-inspired shade names. Peachy Queen specializes in bold, bonding-worthy palettes like this, and given that founder Aimee Rauseo was born in the 1990s, it's no surprise a palette inspired by the iconic era was in the works.

The 90's Baby Palette ($35, has the exact color scheme my bedroom and locker featured back in the '90s:

"I wanted to create something fun with bright colors. Bold and vibrant," Rauseo told Elite Daily about the process of dreaming up the palette's color story. "I love themes, I love makeup, and I think makeup should be fun! I’m obsessed with the '90s and super nostalgic so this was so fun to create."

The vibrant color range features matte, shimmer, and diamond shimmer formulas, and is meant to channel the era's nostalgic good vibes. It's Polly Pocket realness, y'all:

Every pan in the palette is an ode to one of your favorite '90s playthings. There's "Tamagotchi," a bright turqoise, "Polly Pocket," a hot orange, "Furby," an icy pink, and even "Tiger Beat," a yellow gold that references the magazine I begged my mother to buy me every single month.

"I grew up in the '90s and I loved it! So many good memories," shares Rauseo of gathering palette inspo. "I know a lot of people reminisce about when we were younger when times were simpler. I wanted to share my obsession for the joy of the '90s with everyone else."

How my friends and I will look when we hit the town after getting glam with the 90's Baby Palette:

Peachy Queen is currently carried by Riley Rose and Doll's Kill, but you can pre-order the 90's Baby Palette on the brand's own website now, and it will ship come April 29. Fortunately, your palette will arrive just in time to serve nostalgia-chic eye looks all summer. It's what Polly Pocket would have wanted for us all.