Here's How You Can Snag 6 Tarte Products & A Makeup Bag For Just $63

Tarte Cosmetics

As much as I love makeup, I'm well aware of how annoying it can be to stock up on a bunch of pricy products at once. There's nothing worse than when I run out of foundation, concealer, and mascara all at once — bye bye, weekend rosé funds, hello, spending every last cent restocking my makeup bag. That said, if I know I really love a product, I'll try to buy backups in advance whenever they go on sale throughout the year, and the Tarte Cosmetics Custom Kit Sale 2019 is beyond ideal for anyone with a love for the brand's incredible products. It's the ultimate opportunity to save big, so if you don't know, now you know.

I've placed many an order during the Custom Kit sale, so if you're curious as to what the deal is, allow me to walk you through it. First, some need-to-knows: This sale is the biggest of the year for the brand, and it allows shoppers to snag six full-size products (Aka, a full face of glam!) plus a makeup bag for a total of $63. In most instances, six tarte products would land you around the $200 range, so that's a very big deal. Do you see why I look forward to this sale every year?

Hi, hello, give me all the Tarte, please!

Here's how it all goes down. The sale starts on June 5 at 7AM and lasts til 12AM the next day, so you've got less than 24 hours to snag your faves — and the good stuff always sells out fast, so I recommend setting an alarm to shop early! There's no discount code or special link to use to gain access to the sale, so all you've got to do is head over to the Tarte Cosmetics site and select your makeup bag, then choose one item from each of the following categories: foundation, face, eye, mascara, lip, and body/brushes. Not every single product on the site is included in the sale, but almost everything is, and I guarantee a lot of your favorites are.

Plus, the bags this year are super cute. Here's a few of my faves:

Tarte Cosmetics

As for actual products, like I said, there's a lot to love. In addition to Tarte classics and cult faves like the Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-In-1 Mascara ($21,, this year's sale has some new additions: Palettes!

Palettes are the most treat-yourself products in the beauty game, if you ask me, so to snag some in a sale is a real treat. Tarte really nail their travel-friendly smaller palettes, and two of my newer faves, the Glam On The Go Eyeshadow Palette ($24, originally $30, and the Hamptons Weekender Contour Palette ($19,, are included in the sale. I highly suggest snagging either, or both!

If you're a die-hard Tarte fan, this sale is an obvious can't-miss. If you're looking to try out some products from the brand you've never used before, it's also a good opportunity to save some coin while doing so. To see everything that's included in the sale lineup, head over to the Tarte website on June 5. Happy shopping!