Target’s Halloween 2020 cookie kits are full of options.

Target Is Selling A Bunch Of Halloween Cookie Kits To Help You Make Scary Treats

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Target

It's time to celebrate spooky season with some tasty treats. Target's Halloween 2020 cookie kits feature haunted gingerbread houses and graveyards you can build. If you're ready to kick off your Halloween celebration with the perfect treats, check out these festive new bites.

Target has brought back its popular Halloween cookie kits this October, offering a spooky take on edible activities. The cookie kits all include pre-baked cookies that are easy to assemble, as well as colorful icing, so you can get creative this Halloween. Think of it as a spooky season take on the classic holiday gingerbread house. So instead of fake snow and gumdrops, you get tasty ghosts and cookie headstones. There are a mix of new and returning products available now at Target, so you have a ton of options when for which deliciously spooky confection you want to create.

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Making a comeback this year is the Halloween Spooky Graveyard Cookie Kit, which features gravestone-shaped cookies that you can decorate. You can pick up a box for $9.99.

Also returning this year is the Halloween Haunted Mansion Gingerbread Kit, which includes all the parts you need to build the spookiest house on the block. The kit costs $9.99.

Fans can once again celebrate Día de Muertos with the Sugar Skull Cookie Decorating Kit, which comes with eight pre-baked skull cookies to decorate. You can pick up a kit for $6.99.

The new options in the lineup for 2020 include the Crooked Cookie House Monster Motel, which costs $12.99. You'll get all the pieces to build your very own crooked motel, plus mini pumpkin pieces, sprinkles, and icing.

Another offering that's new this year is the Halloween Twisted Tavern Chocolate House Cookie Kit, which costs $4.99. You'll be able to decorate the chocolate treat with green and orange icing and mini bone candies.

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