Susan Kelechi Watson's Zodiac Sign Makes Her A Deep Partner

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As anyone who watches the NBC hit show This Is Us can attest, Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth Pearson is one of the sweetest things ever. If you've found yourself getting lost in her heartfelt on-screen romance and wondered what Susan Kelechi Watson's zodiac sign reveals about her IRL approach to relationships, you are certainly not alone. Born on Nov. 11, Watson is a sensual and intense Scorpio. Up until recently, Watson was engaged to actor Jaime Lincoln Smith. However, she announced their subsequent split via Instagram on Nov. 7, 2020.

Although hearing of the couple's split was a bummer, once a Scorpio realizes things aren't going to work out, they aren't afraid to fly free. As a fixed sign, Scorpio might not love the idea of losing a good thing (who does?), but when it comes to breakups, they aren't the type to beat a dead horse. Their ruling planet Pluto represents endings, so when it's over, there's rarely any looking back.

As one of the more complex signs known for their mysterious nature, dating a Scorpio can be very intense. This isn't a sign that communicates subtly or tip-toes around situations where others might crack a joke or avoid addressing the point of contention. Leave it to a Scorpio to call it exactly as they see it. Although they can come off as a little abrasive, this water sign is deeply sensitive, and it can take a while for them to fully let their guard down.

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However, their propensity to protect themselves doesn't stop them from enjoying the many ins and outs of romantic relationships. After all, Scorpios are known for being unapologetic hedonists who never get tired of a good ole game of cat and mouse. That said, once they find that special someone that lights their body and mind on fire, Scorpio has no problem fully committing. In fact, a meaningful commitment is one of their deepest longings. But once the physical passion wanes, Scorpios often panic. That's why establishing solid communication early-on is a must.

As long as Scorpio feels like they can speak completely openly without hurting your feelings, they will be the first to bring up problems and strategize about solutions. If you want passion, depth, and intensity, Scorpio could be your perfect match. They might not be the most easygoing, but they are definitely some of the most exciting and fun people to spend time with.

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