Sprinkles' Mother's Day Cupcake Box Features Fan-Favorite Flavors Like Red Velvet

Courtesy Of Sprinkles

While it seems like winter just finished its course, we're somehow almost in the middle of May (shocking, I know). So, at this point, you're probably already in the midst of brainstorming Mother's Day festivities. And while flowers, homemade brunches, and — of course — lots and lots of rosé usually tend to win her over, I can basically guarantee that Sprinkes' Mother's Day 2019 cupcakes in the MOM Box are — hands down — going to be the perfect gift for an undeniably sweet woman like mom. In all honesty, I can already tell it's going to bring a big smile to her face.

California-based cupcake chain Sprinkles is going hard for Mother's Day this year by offering a totally gorgeous cupcake compilation known as the MOM Box, according to the brand. The MOM Box isn't just like your run-of-the-mill box filled with cupcakes — it's made special with the most adorable cupcakes for all of the super special women in your life. Whether you're treating mom, grandma, or even your BFF's mom to these delectably sweet treats, they're sure to feel appreciated.

Each MOM box features a decadent assortment of fan-favorite cupcake flavors, such as Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Salty Caramel and Red Velvet, according to the brand. The best part, however, is that each one is topped off with festive decorations, like ones that spell out "I (heart) U", others that spell out "MOM," and — of course — beautiful flower decorations. Altogether, it looks absolutely gorgeous, and whether she decides to share, or if she wants them all to herself is entirely up to her. In the end, I just hope I can snag a bite or two.

Courtesy Of Sprinkles

OK guys, how cute is Sprinkles' MOM Box? Each cupcake is perfectly decorated, and when they're perfectly positioned in the box, they look absolutely stunning. You can buy the MOM Box online and in Sprinkles stores through May 12, according to the brand. The 12-count cupcake box will set you back $50, but c'mon, you know there's no price on the love you have for mom, right?

Between you and me, if my mom doesn't want to share these with me, I'm going to be royally disappointed, because frankly, they almost look too good to eat. But in the end, mom really deserves it all.

If you're looking to get your mom a few extra gifts that will come in handy (after devouring a few too many cupcakes, of course!), make sure to check out these 10 useful Mother's Day gift ideas. There are links to French presses for all the coffee-lovin' moms out there, a journal for the creative moms, and ideas for subscription boxes, for moms looking to treat themselves. All of these options are honestly fantastic — there's no denying that a ~practical gift~ is always appreciated.

In my personal opinion, going all out for Mother's Day is a must. And regardless if you decide to make her a special meal, or if you treat her to a great experience, she will definitely appreciate your efforts. All I know for a fact is that sharing a box of cupcakes her is an undeniably magical idea, and honestly there's nothing I'd rather do with mom than share a MOM box with her. Sprinkles — just like you nailed your stellar Easter creations, you've officially won Mother's Day.