Sofia Richie's Birthday Outfit Looks Exactly Like Kylie Jenner's Birthday 'Fit

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I know Sofia Richie has a famous family of her own, but seeing as she's in a pretty serious relationship with Scott Disick, it's safe to say she's somewhat of an honorary member of the Kardashian clan at this point, too. When the duo first started dating, rumors swirled that the Kar-Jenner sisters disliked her for stealing Scott away, but any negativity was quickly squashed when it became clear the fam had embraced her — she even attended that bougie Kylie Skin trip we all saw on Instagram a few weeks back. Now, she's finally turned the big 21, and while Sofia Richie's birthday outfit and hair looked incredible, I can't help but notice that they also looked incredibly...familiar? Like, I swear Kylie Jenner wore the same look for her 21 birthday?? Richie did put her own spin on it, but it's clear Kylie's 'fit was the focus of her B-day style mood board.

To ring in the legal drinking age, Richie and friends hopped on a jet to Vegas, and partied at Encore Beach Club, Cipriani, and XS Nightclub, per Cosmopolitan. Fun! Kylie Jenner was amongst the A-Listers in attendence, and while I don't know what she wore, I wonder if she noticed how much Richie's look resembled her own 21 birthday celebration style. Jenner's birthday made big headlines last summer, as she was the last of the Kar-Jen clan to turn 21, and in addition to a huge Kylie Cosmetics birthday-themed collection, she graced Instagram with a number of fire 'fits, the most-discussed of which was a blingy, bodycon romper and a booty-skimming ponytail.

Even Ariana Grande stans had to admit this pony was iconic, and Jenner's sparkly romper fit her like a glove:

It was a great look, and I'm willing to fight about it! It's safe to say sales of both hair extensions and bedazzled night-out looks went up after the above post went live — it currently has over 7 million Likes.

Apparently, Richie loved the look, too, because she pretty much copied it for her own 21 birthday:

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Does she look adorable? Yes. Is it undeniably similar to Jenner's look? I don't want to be a hater, but yes. I'm sorry, Sofia! While I appreciate that you put your own spin on it, the similarities are too many to ignore. Both girls did crystalized jumpsuits, but Jenner's outfit hit just above her knees and was sleeveless, and Richie's jumpsuit was full-length and full-sleeved. Her pink crystals were also brighter and much more transparent. While Jenner let her extensions flow in a long pony, Richie's were styled into a rope braid. Last but not least, Jenner went with a pinky-nude pump, while Richie opted for the PVC shoe trend. I have to admit, I prefer Richie's shoe choice — it helped keep the look super clean, if you ask me.

This isn't a "Who Wore It Best," though, because both girls looked incredible, and it seems like Richie loved her B-day celebration:

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On the low, Jenner and Richie have a similar sense of style pretty much all the time, so it's semi-unsurprising that their birthday looks fit the same vibes. Great minds think alike, and great fashionistas dress alike!

For example, Jenner rocked this white dress with puffy, oversized sleeves on July 15...

And exactly a month later, Richie rocked a similar 'fit in a latex version on August 15:

It isn't always Richie copying Jenner, though. Richie wore an oversized sunhat for a shoot back in May, and she's been sporting straw headware ever since:

Jenner definitely took a nod from her model pal when she posted this MOOD on July 14:

It's safe to say the two love a similar look, and if Richie is already looking for some inspo for her 22 birthday next year, Jenner's hot pink feathered frock should do the trick:

Happy birthday, Sofia, and may you keep serving fire looks, whether twinning with Kylie or not!