Skittles Released Spicy New Flavors & They All Sound Delicious


I'm sure the first flavor that comes to mind when you think of a fruity bag of Skittles isn't "spicy." Instead, you probably think of tropical bursts with every chew, which is totally normal. Every Skittles bag that I've ever heard of has been super sweet... that is, until now. On Tuesday, March 6, Skittles announced a bag of new flavors that'll set your tastebuds on fire. That's right: Skittles' new Sweet Heat flavors have a spicy kick, and they'll add a little spark to your sweet tooth. I don't know about you, but I am so down to try them.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of hot sauce. I pour Sriracha onto just about everything, and douse all of my meals with an absurd amount of Frank's Red Hot (no shame). However, I haven't thought about adding hot sauce to any of my favorite sweet treats — but now that Skittles decided to add some spice to their candies, I don't have to try it on my own. Skittles has always been my go-to candy (I'm not kidding; I'm obsessed), and the fact that I can finally enjoy a bag full of sweet and spicy flavors makes me so damn happy. Like, abnormally happy. Bring on the heat; I AM READY.

Before we talk about the new Skittles flavors, let's recap the old ones so you have some sort of comparison (and no, they all aren't the same flavor). Mars Wrigley Confectionery told Today that each Skittle in the original bag has its own flavor, which includes Strawberry, Green Apple, Grape, Lemon, and Orange. Talk about sweet.

OK, now that we're all familiar with the original Skittles flavors from the "red bag" (as I like to call it), let's dive into the spicy flavors in Skittles' new Sweet Heat bag. For reference, the new Sweet Heat bag is black and features raging hot flames alongside a colorful rainbow. It's both inviting and intimidating, and it's the hottest packaging yet (literally).

The individual Skittles, on the other hand, aren't rainbow colors anymore. In the Sweet Heat bag, skittles are the colors of flames. The candies displayed on the packaging showcase warm tones of red, yellow, and orange.


If you remember correctly, this isn't the only new Skittles flavor that's hit the candy market. Another flavor bag that's one of my favorites is limited-edition and includes lime-flavored Skittles. The lime Skittles — which were changed to Green Apple in 2013 — taste super refreshing, and I miss them. In June 2017, the green-lined bag was released for a limited time, and fans showed so much love for the beloved flavor.

People were definitely stoked, and I'm sure they're going to be just as excited when they find out about the new Sweet Heat Skittles that finally hit the market. To get Skittles fiends excited about the new release, the company asked Marshawn Lynch (a running back for the Oakland Raiders) to share the spicy treat at one of the sweetest places he could: a retirement home. In the new advertisement, Marshawn ventured around a retirement home and asked adorable residents to try the hot new Skittles flavor. Some of them loved the new treat, while others were taken aback by how spicy they were. If you're inspired to watch some of their reactions, check out the video below.

Cute, right?! If you aren't inspired to give Skittles' hot new flavors a try after watching that, then you probably don't know how good Skittles are (in which case, you should go buy a bag).

OK, now we're ready to dive into the new Skittles Sweet Heat flavors. Get some milk ready, because these candies sound spicy.

Sizzlin’ Strawberry

Enjoy the sweet taste of strawberries with a spicy kick.

Fiery Watermelon

Watermelon with a spicy kick? Yes, please.

Flamin’ Orange

This sounds like it'd make a rad mimosa flavor.

Lemon Spark

A flavor like this will surely give your tastebuds a wakeup call.

Blazin’ Mango

Just... wow. I've never thought about what a spicy mango would taste like, but now I'm excited. Adding some heat to fruity candies never sounded so good.

As you can see, Skittles' new Sweet Heat bag is definitely worth trying. It'll add a spicy kick to your treat, and I'm so ready. The new flavor is available nationwide starting Tuesday, March 6.