New "Trick Plays" Skittles Are Here And The Flavors Will Really Confuse You

In the event that Pumpkin Spice Latte season stole the spotlight from football's return, the NFL and Skittles joined forces to remind everyone what fall is all about. In the spirit of touchdowns and tackles, the two partners decided to let fans in on those misleading strategies players use on the field. "Trick Plays" Skittles taste like the original candy... with the exception that the colors don't match the flavors. It's a surefire way throw someone off — just the way players attempt to fool their opponents.

"It's a fun twist on football strategy," spokesperson Ashley Incarnato told Delish. "We wanted to do something fun that engaged fans this season as an extension of this partnership."

Think you're headed for cherry Skittle? Nice try. Feeling like a splash of grape? Think again. The bag of Skittles features faux chalk drawings of coach's plays, which really adds to the flavor mystery (though personally, I'm already mystified enough by football, even without the coach's plays ). Much like the beloved sport, these candies will only be around for a limited time, most likely through November, according to Delish. Retailers nationwide are expected to feature the two-ounce single pouch and a 14-ounce laydown bags, so get ready to stock up for the next game day.

It appears this isn't the only food craze to throw customers into disbelief. Cotton candy-infused grapes are here to confuse those wandering around the produce aisle looking for normal fruits. Even milk's favorite cookie is into the whole mystery theme. If you can guess Oreo's mystery flavor, you're entitled to win a large chunk of change, so perhaps this is one of the more enticing food trends out there.

Regardless of what you choose for the Sunday game, there will surely be plenty of indulgent treats to go around. Touchdown!