If You & Your Sister Are Inseparable, These 10 Things Are So Accurate

It's a known fact that if you're super close with your sister, she's your bestie for life. But what people might not tell you is that there are different layers to sisterhood. Of course, every relationship is unique, but you know that sisters who are inseparable are truly one of a kind. If that's you and your sis, you love her so much that you can't imagine not having her by your side at pretty much all times. Every cool new adventure you go on, you want her to experience it with you, and when you're not hanging out, you're texting nonstop. If that's not the PB to your J, I don't know what is.

Some sisters love one another endlessly, but each have their own crew and different hobbies they're involved in. You also know that not all sisters have the opportunity to live so close to each other in adulthood. That's why you feel so #blessed to have a sister you're not only so close to emotionally, but also by location. Sisters who are able to spend that much time together know these 10 things to be all too true.

This list might even make you laugh, and say, "same." Then, pass the phone over to your sis —because I know she's right there with you — and let her laugh along, too.

Her Friends Are Your Friends, And Vice Versa
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Since you spend so much time together, you basically share the same squad. All of her friends eventually become your friends, and vice versa. Since you share crews, you have the luxury of the biggest squad ever that's the definition of bestie goals.

Your Phone Is Overflowing With Selfies Of The Two Of You
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Let's be honest: Scrolling through your camera roll, the majority of your pics are of you and your sister. Not only do you spend so much time together, but she's also your favorite person to take pics with and the best photographer. She knows the best poses, and your selfies together always make for #fire content on the 'Gram.

You Don't Even Need To Be Doing Much When You Hang Out In Order To Have Fun
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Not every hang with your sister has to be you two making an elaborate plan. In fact, you love just hanging out on the couch watching TV and eating pizza on a Friday night. You're so comfortable together that a lazy day hanging out is actually the greatest.

She's Your Best Wing-Woman
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You share all the scoop with your sister — even who you're crushing on. She provides you with the best relationship advice and fun topics to talk about on a first date. She's even a great wing-woman who knows how to talk you up to a potential future bae.

You Text Each Other Every Day

When you're not hanging out with your sis, you're either texting or FaceTiming. Your in touch so often that if you don't get even a random Gif from her, you're worried. Luckily, she's always quick to respond.

You Know Right Away When She's Not Having A Good Day

Just from the look on her face, you can tell when your sis is not having a good day. That's when you go into superhero sister mode and try to help by offering to listen to her talk, or getting her a pint of her fave ice cream.

She Knows All Of Your Secrets

You and your sister talk all the time. She knows everything about you — even your deepest secrets. You know you can trust your sis with literally anything, and you never have to worry that what you say to her will be repeated.

She's Your First Choice For A Travel Buddy
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Whenever you're planning a big trip, the first person who comes to mind is your sis. You would never go somewhere without her. She's your first choice and favorite travel companion.

You Can't Remember Whose Clothes Are Whose
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When you're inseparable with your sis, you borrow things from each other so much that now you're unsure of what clothes actually belong to you. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter.

People Always Ask About Your Sis When She's Not With You
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You and your sister are together so much that you're basically viewed as a package deal. When you're not with her, you get questions like, "Where's your sister?" or "Why isn't your sister here?" Sometimes it gets a little annoying, but you always know exactly where she is.