Signs Your Partner Is About To Dump You, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

by Emily Anne

Almost everyone has experienced a relationship that doesn’t exactly fit. Maybe the quirks you once liked are starting to irritate you, or maybe your values and your partner’s values are just too different. When someone realizes that their significant other isn’t “the one,” they may start acting... off. There are usually signs your partner is going to dump you, but it's not always easy to tell what they are. Most people, however, are not so subtle, and astrology can help you notice when your lover is starting to break things off. Of course, your instincts are probably the best guide, but checking your SO's astrological traits can be extra insurance.

Using astrology as a personality barometer is a fun way to get insight into someone's inner workings. If you want to get really in-depth (You didn’t think everyone fits into one of 12 signs, did you?), there are three major placements in the chart that everyone interested in astrology should know. Checking more than just your sun sign gives you an extra detailed description of your astrological portrait.

Your significant other may be ready to leave if they start showing these traits, but don't freak out just yet. If the relationship is important to you, don't be afraid of communicating your concerns.

Aries: Fights Rather Than Loves

When Aries are in love, their sensitivity and fondness for others increases immensely. If an Aries loves you, their softness will outweigh their anger. But if they are not infatuated with you, Aries can be impatient and stir up conflict because that’s their first instinct.

Being ruled by Mars, Aries almost enjoys being in little conflicts. If your once-sweet, fun Aries is suddenly turning everything into a fight, it’s probably a sign that you aren’t the apple of their eye anymore.

Taurus: Has Zero Patience

Taureans can be blunt, sarcastic people to those they don’t care about. If you are one of the lucky few to be in Taurus’ inner circle, they have all the time in the world for you. They will happily be your shoulder to cry on and an understanding listener if they love you. But if your once-kind, understanding Taurus suddenly can’t stand to listen to your whining, they may be through with you. Taurus has no tolerance for people wasting their time, so if they seem like they're in a hurry or unhappy spending time with you, it’s not a good sign.

Gemini: Loses Interest

Geminis are creatures that feed off new experiences and excitement. Keeping a Gemini means keeping their mind on you, and being someone who is mentally agile and interesting. If a Gemini loves you, you’ll always have their ear and undivided attention if you need it.

A Gemini in love wants to learn about the world together and discuss every step of the journey. But if your once-chatty, inquisitive Gemini suddenly isn’t available, communicative, or asking you to hang out, they may be finding a new source of stimulation.

Cancer: Retreats Into Their Shell

When a Cancer is in love, they feel comfortable leaving their “shell” and allowing themselves to be vulnerable with someone they trust. They are naturally protective of their heart, and are very sensitive in relationships.

Being with this moon-ruled sign means embracing Cancer's ever-changing emotions and not making them feel ashamed or misunderstood. If your once-expressive, honest Cancer is being defensive and private, rather than sharing how they feel, something may be wrong.

Leo: Chases Their Goals Without You

As a sign, Leo rules the self, creativity, and expression. In a happy relationship, Leo is able stay true to their identity while pursuing their passions. Leos are romantics at heart, so they want their partner along for the ride and will happily include their true love in their big plans.

In the wrong relationship, the creative light of Leo can be eclipsed or extinguished. If your once-vibrant Leo now seems bored, uninspired, or unenthusiastic, this relationship may not be fulfilling them.

Virgo: Stops Working With You

Virgo reigns over service, selflessness, humility, and day-to-day tasks. Virgos value partners who add sparkle to their life, a drive to leave mundane routines, and find magic in reality. When a Virgo is in love, they want to grow with their partner and better themselves in meaningful, tangible ways.

But, when a Virgo falls out of love, their passiveness may lead to them staying in a relationship longer than they want. If your Virgo suddenly isn’t working toward something with you, like committing to a new show to watch, an exercise plan, or budget, that is a red flag.

Libra: Divides Your Lives

Libra is the sign most connected to relationships due to their cooperative planetary ruler, Venus. Librans are naturally willing to share their life with someone, and greatly value one-on-one connections. So when a relationship starts to go sour, Libra may start subtly distancing you from aspects of their life.

Of course, Libra’s charm and smile will never falter, so it can be hard to notice any red flags. If you notice a sudden cordialness or politeness that seems out of place, it may be indicative of their second thoughts.

Scorpio: Acts Like They Don’t Care

Scorpio is a sign of extremes, mysteries, the occult, and a bunch of other juicy things. In dating, they indulge in a lot of below-the-surface interactions, so often it can be hard to get a good read on their feelings. Relationships with a Scorpio will usually have intense emotions, but underneath it all is loyalty, honesty, and a willingness to bond. If your Scorpio suddenly lashes out or treats you coldly, it could mean that you are no longer someone they want to delve into something serious with. With Scorpio, love and hate is a fine line.

Sagittarius: Runs Away, Without You

Sagittarius is a sign of freedom; they value independence and expanding their horizons. When a Sagittarius is in love, they feel comfortable getting close to someone and embracing intimacy. They will modify their freedom-loving lifestyle to include commitment if they think they found "the one."

But if your transparent, free-wheeling Sag suddenly seems to be running free without you by their side, their wild heart may have moved on to something new.

Capricorn: Stops Investing In You

Capricorn is a rational, responsible sign who is always thinking three steps ahead. In love, they help their partner get their life together. They provide structure and motivation thanks to their planetary ruler, Saturn. But, if your Capricorn no longer reminds you about your responsibilities, stops helping with your plans, or ceases to nag you like normal, it's a bad sign. Capricorns view everything as an investment, so if they don't feel you are worth the effort, they will stop providing their valuable attention.

Aquarius: Treats You As A Friend

Aquarius is the oddball of the zodiac ruled by the unpredictable planet Uranus. Very often Aquarius has a cold exterior, but they do possess an incredibly accepting and humanitarian heart. Aquarius prefers relationships that have a foundation of friendship; they are the sign that rules over friends and networks. In love, the steamier, romantic side of them comes out. But if your Aqua is suddenly treating you just like everyone else in the friend group, their flame for you may have faded.

Pisces: Stops Considering Your Needs

Pisces, an intuitive water sign, values connection and devotion in relationships. Co-dependence and addiction can often arise when Pisces gets seriously involved; they will give their heart and soul to their partner. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces has no boundaries and embraces merging with another. But if your Pisces starts constructing walls and boundaries and resisting intimacy, they may not feel they can trust you. It is a red flag if your Pisces starts ignoring your needs, when they used to do anything for you.