2019's Color Trends Are Officially Here & You'll Want To Dye Your Hair ASAP

If there's one lesson you should learn, it's to live your life in color. That means channeling vibrant and dramatic hues in your everyday moments — letting them inspire you, or bring you emotion or energy in some unique way. It's not necessarily about what you wear, post, or even like. Getting the picture? Perfect. You should know that Shutterstock's 2019 Color Trends report is officially here, and the results are a dream for the neon lovers out there.

These are the colors that are rocking the world right now, and making their way into your life. They're showing up on your feed and in the decor of your dorm room or apartment, without you even realizing it. It's like that scene from The Devil Wears Prada, where Miranda Priestly explains how the cerulean blue sweater was chosen for Andy by iconic people in the industry — making her part of the fashion world long before she scored the job at Runway. That neon sign on your wall is part of a much larger trend, too. *Cue the gasps.*

For some, these three colors — yes, three — may be too bright or electrifying. (Seriously, consider throwing on a pair of sunglasses before scrolling down farther in this article.) But, for others, they'll be a lightning bolt of inspiration and culture. Shutterstock, a top global technology company with a high-quality creative platform, revealed that these colors are the most popular ones around the world in their latest report. Are those sunglasses on? Good, let's go.

What are the three most popular colors around the world?


Shutterstock's 2019 Color Trends revealed that there are three colors taking the planet by storm right now. These colors are bright, and honestly a dream for the girl who's obsessed with neon. They include: Proton Purple, UFO Green, and Plastic Pink.

Now, you can probably get a good idea of what these colors are all about, simply from their names. But, let me break it down a little bit further for you, and shed some light on how these shades can affect your everyday life.

Proton Purple is vivid and is meant to represent the positive things going on in our personal worlds, and the entire globe. It's a never-ending sense of joy, hope, or wonder — or just a friendly reminder that you brewed the most perfect cup of coffee this morning and deserve a round of applause. Little victories are crucial to celebrate, right?

UFO Green, on the other hand, is more complex. According to Shutterstock, it combines "both natural and supernatural" vibes. So, think about the soft aroma of that same cup of coffee, and then mix those thoughts with ones of the machine that made it. Just like that, you have a color that is energizing you on multiple layers. (Caffeine not included.)

Last but not least, Plastic Pink is meant to sizzle and make your life sparkle. It's the hot, electric glow of a city when there are still pizza places open past midnight — or the excitement of a party with your closest friends and family, and a bottle of fountain soda. Now, with those images in your head, you can see why these colors are the most popular in the entire world.

How did the Shutterstock come up with the results for the 2019 Color Trends report?


Next question: How did Shutterstock come up with these results? Well, it's actually quite simple. The company matched pixel and image download data to identify these three colors. It also considered what colors grew in popularity from year-to-year, leading up to 2018.

The data came to the conclusion that Proton Purple, UFO Green, and Plastic Pink were the most downloaded in photos, and that those numbers grew in recent years.

Why are these three colors so popular right now?


Think about every single color in the world. Honestly, you probably can't, because there are billions of them. Every stripe of the rainbow comes in various shades and tones that are accounted for on the greater spectrum. So, what makes these three stand out so much to our world?

According to Shutterstock, the fast growth of these colors represents more than just the clothes we see on the runways, or trends and techniques in design. It represents the culture of our globe — and that's a concept that's truly mind-blowing.

Lou Weiss, Shutterstock's chief marketing officer, said: "Whether it's conscious or not, the colors we choose to represent any given occasion reflect more than just current trends in fashion or design — they have a larger cultural significance."

Bright colors are all over our screens, and motivate us to get involved with the world on social media, and through other apps and platforms. Technology gives us the ability to connect with people and cultures from around the world, creating an even bigger one that can simultaneously work to pull colors from the never-ending spectrum. Is it starting to make sense now?

How can you include these colors in your lifestyle?


All in all, including these three colors in your lifestyle is easy peasy. Think about an electric-themed bridal party, or incorporate the colors in your apartment decor. Your hair can also make an electric statement in any one of these amazing colors, am I right?

Even when you pull out your phone, you'll realize that these colors are everywhere. The Instagram icon alone gives you a touch of Plastic Pink. And the photography on your feed gives you palm trees in the shade of UFO Green and sunsets filled with Proton Purple. With one scroll, you're already letting these colors sink into your very own subconscious.

But, if you're looking to more actively include these neon hues, explore your area or even open up your fridge. When you start looking for colors, you begin living your life a little bit more — because suddenly, you're not just seeing things the way you used to. That lesson from before? Learned.