Should You Masturbate Before A Date? A Doctor Says Yes — Here's Why

Should you shower before a date? Yes. Should you masturbate before a date? Also yes. Maybe reverse the order of those two things, though. First date jitters are the worst and masturbating can help you feel more at ease. I'm serious.

For one, it gives you something to do other than pacing in your apartment all afternoon. If only for a few minutes (hours?), you get to redirect all of your attention and energy to appreciating you. If I’m being frank, I’d say this is way more effective than any pep talk you were going to give yourself in the mirror. But you’re welcome to throw a couple complimentary chants in there while you get the job done.

Best of all, masturbating before a date is a great way to remind yourself that your happiness is literally in your own hands, which helps to take the edge off. It's reassuring knowing you don't need anyone else to make you feel sexually desirable or fulfilled.

Still not convinced? Turns out, the Twitterverse is all about the pre-date diddle. This Twitter user boldly says that she always masturbates before a first date but she wonders if she's alone on this.

The answer is, of course, no. A quick search on Twitter will confirm that masturbating before a date is, indeed, a thing. The general theory behind this is that if you masturbate before you go on a date, you won't be as quick to give in to hormonal impulses. It's sort of like why you should never go grocery shopping when you're hungry. Allow this Twitter user to explain more precisely.

OK, so, her terminology isn't exactly scientific but her reasoning is sound. Medical experts agree that masturbating before a date has real benefits.

Masturbating before a date helps with mental clarity.


Dr. Tami Prince, OB-GYN and owner of Women’s Health and Wellness Center of Georgia, LLC, says, "Masturbating before dates can release any sexual tension that may hinder a woman from being fully present and concentrating on the date. If a woman is constantly thinking about sex during a date, she may miss out on meaningful conversation and quality time with her partner."

You don't want to be sitting there thinking, "Wait, what did she say her dogs' names were again?" because you were too busy fantasizing about the two of you together.

Masturbation improves your mood.


It's true. Dr. Prince explains that masturbation can help women release more than just sexual tension in their bodies. When you masturbate, your body produces endorphins, which put you in a generally pleasant mood, and dopamine, which reduces stress. Masturbation has also been known to reduce anxiety and depression. Now, you're ready to socialize.

Women who masturbate tend to have better sex.


According to Dr. Prince, "Masturbation can increase vaginal lubrication, as well as sexual desire which can then in turn enhance the orgasm phase." OH.

Those aren't the only benefits it offers for partnered sex, either. She adds that women who masturbate more frequently have better sex because they're better able to guide their partner and articulate what they like in bed. "A sexual partner can't be expected to pleasure to the point of orgasm if a women is unable to tell them what her likes and dislikes are," she explains.

Who knew that denying yourself solo sex would actually have a negative impact on your partnered sex life, too? By now, I'm convinced that masturbating before a date isn't just a good idea to calm your nerves. It's also pretty damn important to the success of the date and any post-date activities you're thinking of getting up to.

And hey, if the date doesn't go as well as you'd like, now you know how to cheer yourself up. Works out fine, too, since the prolactin your body secretes during masturbation also acts as a sleep aid, so you can drift off to dreamland immediately afterward. Ugh, perfect! I don't even know why we bother to date.