7 Self-Care Routines That Build Confidence Before A First Date

The hard part is over — you flirted, texted, and, most importantly, you finally agreed on a place with a good happy hour. Now you just need to pick out an outfit, do your hair, and manage to get to the bar at a reasonable time, without hyperventilating on the subway ride over. No biggie! If you're looking for a little pre-hang pick-me-up, these seven self-care routines to try before a first date will help you totally crush it with your crush.

While first date jitters may seem inevitable, confidence coach and founder of the College of Confidence, Trish Blackwell, shares that giving yourself some lovin' before going out helps you settle your nerves and collect your thoughts. "If you want to feel great for a date, spend the day making sure that you prioritize your self-care," Blackwell tells Elite Daily. "It's OK to be nervous. Translate your nerves as 'excitement,' and you'll give yourself a confidence advantage."

From dancing in the shower to calling your bestie, there are tons of ways to pump yourself up before a big date. And if you're looking for some extra inspiration, here are seven ways to give yourself some TLC before a first date.

Set Aside Extra Time

If there's one thing that can add an extra heaping of stress, it's racing the clock to get ready for your date. Though you may not have the entire day to primp and prep (work and school are unfortunately very real), Blackwell shares that setting aside some time to get ready can be a great way to process your nerves. "Ensure that you don't have to rush getting ready," Blackwell says. Whether you offer to meet up on your day off or make sure that you have time to get home and shower before meeting up, giving yourself plenty of "get ready" time can help you enter your date with confidence.

Break A Sweat

Whether you go to the gym at 5:00 a.m. every day or like to break a move as you brush your teeth, Blackwell shares that getting your heart rate up before your date can calm your nerves. "Get in a workout," Blackwell says. "Don't be afraid to spend five minutes stretching, doing some deep, mindful breaths and speaking out loud affirmations." If you're feeling totally jittery, moving your body and taking some deep may be both strengthening and soothing.

Listen To Your Favorite Music Or Podcast

There's nothing like hearing your power song to make you feel like a total superhero. Before a big date, Blackwell suggests listening to your favorite tunes or turning on a motivational podcast (like The Confidence Podcast) to help you feel inspired.

Journal & Set Intentions

For career and life coach Jenn DeWall, taking a moment to express yourself verbally can be helpful as well. "Journal about self-love and what you’re hoping to find in a relationship," DeWall tells Elite Daily. "Write down all of the things you love about yourself." As DeWall shares, getting clear on what you're looking for and remember how amazing you are can help you feel confident on a date. Additionally, DeWall shares that thinking about your intentions with dating can help you relax and have fun. "Instead of labeling [a date] as the 'chance for love,' label it as an opportunity to try something new and meet new people or a night to have fun doing something different."

Call Your Bestie

Sometimes you need a friend to remind you how amazing you are. As DeWall shares, speaking to someone that you love can help you feel amazing, too. "No one can help build that confidence like your BFF," DeWall says. "Laugh and call a friend. Get a BFF pep-talk." Whether you like to text your sister or know you can always call your roommate, hearing from your loved ones will remind you how amazing you are.

Pick Out An Outfit You Feel Good In

While Kate from Lizzie McGuire may pride herself on never being an "Outfit Repeater," the truth is that having a set outfit you like to wear on first dates can be totally grounding. "Don’t stress yourself out about making your best first impression," Clarissa Silva, behavioral scientist and creator of Your Happiness Hypothesis Method, tells Elite Daily. "Find an outfit, hairstyle, and makeup application that you are comfortable with so that you can enjoy getting to know the person."

Whether you love to wear jeans or feel amazing in olive, putting on your power outfit can be a great way to build your confidence. Rather than stressing about what to wear or how to do your hair, having a "date" style that you stick to can help you remain calm. "Wear clothes that you love," Blackwell says. " And most importantly, that make you feel good."

Do Something That Makes You Smile

Here's the deal: No matter how confident you're feeling, your date may be a total dud. You may spill coffee on your shirt and then step in a puddle. While you can't control the outcome of your date, you can control your mood heading into it. "Do anything that makes you happy," DeWall says. "The happy energy from the activity will carry into the date." Eat chocolate in the bathtub. Finish the crossword puzzle. Take your roommate's dog on a walk. As DeWall shares, the best way to feel confident heading into a date is to do something that makes you smile before you leave the house.

Though first dates can be nerve-racking, taking a few moments to collect yourself can be a total game-changer. Whether you call your sister for a last-minute pep-talk or do a dance as you finish your makeup, giving yourself some TLC' before a first date can make all the difference. Of course, you are a rockstar, and anyone would be lucky to hang out with you. And that is something you can be completely confident in.


Trish Blackwell, confidence coach and founder of the College of Confidence

Jenn DeWall, career and life coach

Clarissa Silva, behavioral scientist and creator of Your Happiness Hypothesis Method