Should You Be Single Over Spring Break? 5 Women In Relationships Reveal If They Have Regrets


Moving to the U.S. for college taught me one very crucial lesson: spring break is where it's at. Before this, I'd only ever known what I saw on TV. Gilmore Girls taught me that spring break was the perfect time to make out with your best friend to get free drinks, enter banana-eating competitions, and text your high-school boyfriend. And all of this meant that you should be single over spring break. Sadly, I never was.

I don't regret being in a relationship throughout college but I definitely didn't have the spring break experience I thought I would by going to school in South Florida. My boyfriend at the time didn't go to the same college as I did. In fact, he was older than I was, so his college days were behind him. Instead of going to Cancún for spring break with the rest of my class, I used my time off to go see him whenever I could afford it.

Looking back, I wish I'd been adventurous enough to go off on a spring break adventure on my own. Even though I wasn't single at the time, I'm sure I could have found something fun to do that didn't involve hooking up with randoms or flashing other tourists. I mean, I hope I could have.

The truth is that life is short and spring break is even shorter. If you truly would rather go wild on spring break than be tied to someone else, then do that. Not entirely sure where you land on the debate? Here's how five women feel about being in a relationship on spring break.

For this woman, spring break just means more time to spend with the people she loves — all of them, including her BF.

— Katie*, 25

This woman doesn't feel restricted by her romantic relationships at all.

— Sasha, 23

She's not alone, either. This woman points out that if you have FOMO on spring break because you're in a relationship, there's probably something missing in your relationship.


This woman says her feelings depend on the relationship she's in.

— Hannah, 24

This woman says if you want to be single on spring break, you should probably be single throughout the rest of the year, too.

— Jailin, 24

However you decide to spend your spring break, you should be fair to your partner. If you're ready to mingle, just make sure you're single first.

*Names have been changed.

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