Baby Yoda sits in his shell during a scene in the season two trailer for Disney's 'The Mandalorian.'
Shop This Baby Yoda Merch On Amazon To Give Your SO The Cutest Holiday Season

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The second season of The Mandalorian just began on Oct. 30, 2020, which means you and your partner are talking in only Baby Yoda memes. Throughout the day, you're sending GIFs of "The Child" eating soup, and closing his shell to protect himself from the world. In between each GIF, you may want to shop some of this Baby Yoda merch on Amazon for your partner to give them the cutest holiday season.

After all, it doesn't seem like Baby Yoda will be going anywhere anytime soon. The new trailer notes that Mando's new mission is to return Baby Yoda to the Jedi, who also have the ability to use The Force. As we know, Mando is never quick to leave The Child behind, because he's such a target and is just learning how to use his powerful talents. Whether he actually gives Baby Yoda to the Jedi is a mystery for viewers to find out. But, one thing is for certain: The tiny green alien is so darn cute, and he will never leave your hearts.

You and your partner adore everything about him, from how he follows Mando around the ship, to his little wobble, to his #mood when he's in a robe and sipping soup. Score this Baby Yoda merch on Amazon so you and your partner can bask in the cuteness all holiday season long.

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A Baby Yoda Waffle Maker

Start your winter mornings off the right way with a Baby Yoda waffle maker. It will decorate your breakfast treats with the one and only "Child." You can make a plate of these waffles with your partner in the kitchen before heading back to bed with a tray of them, syrup, and fresh fruit to watch the latest episode of The Mandalorian. What could be better than that?

A Tumbler

Staying hydrated is essential, and this Baby Yoda tumbler will ensure that you and your partner take the cutest sips during the holidays. It's not only insulated to keep your drinks at the right temperature, but also has a graphic of Baby Yoda on the outside. You'll find that you both want to use this piece at the same time, so maybe buy two.

A Laptop Sticker

In the middle of a long workday with lots of Zoom meetings, it would be so nice for your partner look down at their laptop and see this little alien gazing up at them. So, before the busyness of the holidays kicks in, grab this two-pack of adorable decals to surprise your partner with.

An AirPods Case

If Baby Yoda was in charge of keeping your AirPods safe, then you know they'd never get lost. He'd just use The Force to put them back in this case, which is perfectly shaped like him. It's able to fit either generation of AirPods, and will surely be the most notable item in your partner's home office.

A Ceramic Mug

Since your partner saw Baby Yoda sip soup out of a wooden bowl in a robe, they might have wanted to do the same. Would this ceramic mug that channels that exact meme do the trick? Your partner would likely love it, and enjoy drinking a cup of soup out of it while talking over all your theories.

A Retro T-Shirt

Nobody should underestimate Baby Yoda in the series, but some do. The other fighters in the universe don't know that he has The Force and is stronger than they think. The retro design on this shirt will give your partner major heart eyes. Plus, you'll love borrowing this cozy tee from them, or treating yourself to one, too.

A Stuffed Animal

When you're snuggling up on the couch and watching a show other than The Mandalorian, you and your partner can still have Baby Yoda with you, thanks to this stuffed "Child." It's super cozy and might even be about the size of Baby Yoda in real life. Carry it with you while you make a snack for you and your partner and have it hang out in the background during your family Zoom parties.

A Keychain

Finding your keys can be such a hassle, because they are never where they should be. But, this keychain will instantly make your partner smile and make their keys easy to find. Put one in your partner's stocking around the holidays or give them one beforehand, just 'cause.

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