Sheetz Has A New Milkshake For National Unicorn Day & It's Magical


Sometimes after a fun n' rowdy St. Patrick's Day, it feels like there's a dry spell in terms of fun non-denominational holidays. But one celebration you may have forgotten about — National Unicorn Day — is coming up in April... and I don't know about you, but I truly believe that going all out for it is absolutely mandatory. So if you want to partake in celebrating one of the most necessary (and glittery) holidays of the year, Sheetz's Candy Crunch Milkshake is here for National Unicorn Day — and I am thanking the magical unicorn overlords.

Ah, April 9. Aside from the fact that it's the birthday of my one true love, Jesse McCartney, it also happens to be National Unicorn Day. (Maybe this means that Jesse McCartney is actually a unicorn? But I digress.) If you're trying to go all out for the big rainbow-filled day, it's probably necessary that you do yourself a favor and make your way to a local Sheetz. Aside from getting yourself a nice sandwich and maybe some gas for your car, you'll be able to get your hands on an elusive limited-time Candy Crunch Milkshake. And that definitely beats any old sandwich.

The glorious concoction is super rich and creamy, and the milkshake is fruit-flavored. If the base doesn't already sound delicious in itself, though, the entire thing is sprinkled with crushed Jolly Ranchers on top. I repeat: crushed Jolly Ranchers.


Wowza. This might be a hot take, but based on the description and photos alone, it might give Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino a run for its money. TBH, I don't know which of them would ultimately steal my heart, but all I know is that sweet dreams are made of these. The Candy Crunch Milkshake looks and sounds beyond amazing. BRB, drooling everywhere.

You can only get the Candy Crunch Milkshake at Sheetz, which is a Mid-Atlantic based convenience store and restaurant chain. According to a release, the shake is going to be available at each and every one of their 566 locations, and a medium size will go for a mere $2.99. Trust me: Not a lot of things are worth a hefty $3 in my book, but anything for a unicorn-themed candy milkshake, am I right?

There's a slight chance that you're (sadly) nowhere near a Sheetz location... and I apologize for that horrible inconvenience. Regardless, you're in luck, because there are still a ton of other ways you can get in on celebrating this year's National Unicorn Day. For all the morning folk out there, Kellogg's actually just came out with a new breakfast staple called Unicorn Cereal, which tastes exactly like cupcakes. I'll be honest, it's literally the breakfast of any unicorn lover's dream. It looks like pink and purple Cheerios, but it's super sweet and tastes phenomenal with almond milk. It's not quite as creamy as a Candy Crunch Milkshake, but it should at least give you a sugar rush to party hard for the magical holiday.

Whether you're trying to go all out for the most mystical holiday of the year (or if you're merely trying to celebrate Jesse McCartney's 31st birthday), the Candy Crunch Milkshake is totally where the party's at RN. But if there aren't any local Sheetz locations in your neighborhood, you can still celebrate the magical day with some Kellogg's Unicorn Cereal. (But keep in mind that both are only here for a limited time, so act fast.) TBH, both options look so beautiful and delicious that might need to splurge on both, because I'm always down for a unicorn-flavored sugar rush.