I Tried Kellogg’s New Unicorn Cereal & Here’s What It Actually Tastes Like

Lizzy Rosenberg/ Kellogg's

Oftentimes, it's relatively easy to tell what a cereal is going to taste like based on the name, brand, or look. Apple Jacks, for example, obviously taste like apple cinnamon, while Cocoa Puffs taste exactly like cocoa. But upon hearing about the ever-mystical Unicorn Cereal, my mind goes in about a thousand different directions. Does it taste kind of like Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino? Does it simply taste like pure magic? In the event that you're wondering what Unicorn Cereal tastes like, I've fortunately gotten the chance to try it — and I can totally fill you in.

If you haven't gotten to experience the mythical breakfast food firsthand, you've probably caught glimpses of it on Instagram... and it's definitely a sight to see. Somewhat resembling purple, pink, and blue Froot Loops, Unicorn Cereal is everything anyone could ever want — and the best part is that it tastes exactly like —  drumroll, please — cupcakes.

Now, there's a chance you might be thinking, "Gee, cupcakes for breakfast? Is that actually a good idea?" Despite your protests, the answer is: yes, of course it's a freaking genius idea. Cupcakes are always a good choice, no matter the time of day... especially if they come in the form of a beautifully sugary cereal. TBH, Kellogg's Unicorn Cereal sort of tastes like a giant cake managed to explode in your mouth — and as a shameless sweet tooth, I am 100 percent in love with it. I feel like a damn unicorn right now, you guys.

Lizzy Rosenberg

Whether you're more of a dry cereal eater, if you prefer whole milk, or if you like a plant-based milk alternative, there are so many delicious ways to get the most out of your Unicorn Cereal experience — because, trust me, it's truly an enlightening experience. After tasting it in coconut yogurt and in a variety of plant-based milks, my personal favorite way to eat it is by adding a little bit of almond milk in addition to a bunch of thinly sliced strawberries. Unfortunately, whenever I put this enticingly divine creation together, I scarf it down in an impressive three seconds or less... so I never actually get a #foodporn-worthy picture of it. Nevertheless, it's an absolutely fantastic combination, and it tastes exactly like strawberry shortcake. It was a life-changing discovery, believe me.

Lizzy Rosenberg

Unicorn Cereal officially became available in stores nationwide on March 5, 2018. If you happen to be looking to get your hands on some right now to see what the hype is, make sure to look up where it's being sold via the Kellogg's store locator. If you somehow absolutely can't manage to find anywhere that sells it nearby, though, you can just request Kellogg's to send it to a supermarket near you. And if you're anywhere near New York City, you can find Unicorn Cereal at Kellogg’s NYC. It's literally that easy — and aside from the tasty cereal, it has a color-in unicorn on the back of the box. And honestly, that's all I really need in my life.

Lizzy Rosenberg

If you ever experienced the joys of childhood, there was most likely a time in your life when you asked your mom to eat cupcakes for breakfast (even though she probably said "no"). Thankfully, it's now totally possible to do in the form of Unicorn Cereal. It seriously couldn't be more satisfying, and after a few bowls, I already feel like I'm in a freaking fairy tale. However you decide to eat it is completely up to you. But regardless, it's something that every cereal lover and fairy tale enthusiast should experience at least once in a lifetime.