Sex During The Hunter's Moon Will Be A Life-Changing Experience

Let’s just cut right to the chase, shall we? You heard there was a full moon on Oct. 24, and although it's bound to be a magical moment, what you really wanna know is how much it’ll turn up the heat. Perhaps it'll begin as a simmer and build slow and steady all the way to a raging fire. Maybe it won't waste any time, and the passion will explode right off the bat, shattering glass and creating a dangerously irresistible mess. At the end of the day, heat comes in various forms, doesn't it? And lucky for you, my sex-crazed, astrology-loving friends, this upcoming lunation takes place in naughty, tantalizing, and diligent Taurus. Prepare for an evening of sensual exploration, determined love-making, and ethereal ecstasy, because if you don't have sex during the Hunter's Moon 2018, you're seriously missing out.

When our ancestors named the full moon of October after their hunt for wild game in preparation for winter, you know the sex is gonna be intense. With their stealthy persistence and unshakeable hunger, they drew blood in order to survive, and the Hunter's Moon serves as a reminder of just how animal we truly are. If that isn't any indication of how raw and carnal the upcoming full moon will be, what is? So, find yourself a worthy partner and spend the whole evening hunting each other — if you know what I mean.

Pure Sensuality And Connection With The Human Body

When sex activates all five of the human senses, all bets are off. I mean, after all, isn't sex the overwhelming experience of having all your sensual impulses stimulated at once? You vibe with your partner through the addicting scent of their pheromones, the electrifying embrace you share, a passionate exchange of sweet-talking, delectable tongue-to-tongue action, and of course, how hot you think your partner looks. Because Taurus is so in-tune with the physical human senses, it's undeniable that they're one of the best zodiac signs in bed. Additionally, their patient commitment to their partner's pleasure definitely helps, so don't give up before the orgasm.

And, of course, what would the full moon in Taurus be if it didn't occur during Scorpio season? Scorpio rules over the eighth house of sexual spirituality, so while Taurus delivers the physical benefits of sex, Scorpio brings on the indelible intimacy.

Conflicted And Emotionally Charged Sex

Let's be real here: The best sex has dark edges, perhaps even a twist of the forbidden. That's why make-up sex is so mind-blowing. After all, you're taking the emotional residue that's still leftover from the conflict and channeling it into sex. Even kinkier is sex with a person you shouldn't be having it with, such as an ex-lover.

Because Venus retrograde is in intense, possessive, and jealous Scorpio while opposing the full Hunter's Moon in Taurus, don't be surprised if sex veers into unknown, risky territory. Sexual attraction is currently rolling backwards, making you nostalgic for what your ex was like in bed. And, because Venus retrograde creates tension in your love life, you may find yourself fighting with your partner and then passionately resolving your issues through make-up sex.

While sexuality tends to lack logic, try not to land yourself in dramatic or toxic situations simply because it's turning you on. Yeah, sex is cool, but have you ever heard of healthy decision-making?

A Desire For Something Kinky Or Taboo

As if we needed to add more spice to the cosmic seduction of the Hunter's Moon, it will also be forming a conjunction with Uranus, planet of eccentric ideas and radical inclinations. This essentially means that Uranus will join forces with the moon and overflow with unpredictable energy. If sex has been monotonous, boring, or downright vanilla as of late, you can expect the upcoming full moon to shake things up.

Don't just stick to what you know. Try something new between the sheets. With so many different fiery feelings getting you going, make it a sexual experience you'll cherish forever.