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The Week Of September 30 Will Feel Beyond Beautiful For These Zodiac Signs


It's time to spruce up your casual look, flirt with your crush, and fly around the room like the social butterfly you are. It's Libra season, baby. When the sun is in this charming, open-minded, and stylish zodiac sign, it's likely you'll fall in love with your own reflection. Even though there's something for everyone during Libra season, the week of September 30, 2019, will be the best for these zodiac signs. I'll give you a hint: They're the most charismatic, intellectual, and free-spirited zodiac signs of them all. If you guessed Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, you'd be absolutely correct.

For those who have their sun or rising sign in the element of air, this week should feel beyond beautiful for a few reasons. For one thing, Mars — planet of vitality, sexuality, and ambition — enters Libra on Oct. 4, which means three inner planets will be in the element of air. This encourages diplomatic understandings, a clearer perspective, and the desire to put yourself in someone else's shoes. In other words, this is a fantastic week to make new friends, forge new partnerships, and maybe sit down to finally "define the relationship" with that hottie you've been seeing. Libra is all about one-on-one connections, so use its power to get to know others and spread harmony wherever you go. With Pluto — planet of depth and transformation — going direct after being retrograde since Apr. 24, you will even feel a little less alone with your feelings and more open to sharing them.

If your zodiac sign made the list, here's what you have to look forward to this week:


Gemini: You're Feeling Romantic About Love And Driven At Work

This sun is in your fifth house of fun and pleasure during Libra season. What's not to love about that? This is when your power of seduction and flirtation is at its zenith, which definitely puts you in the mood to party. But that's not all — it's also when you're feeling incredibly artistic and expressive. Why not get on stage? Why not go out on a date?

However, it won't be all play and no work. Now that communicative Mercury is in your sixth house of daily routine, you're feeling just as inspired to get back to the grind.

Libra: You're Bursting With Energy, Confidence, And Power

Happy solar return, Libra. You're queen of the world and everyone is fawning over you. With the sun, Venus, and Mars in your first house of the self, your confidence level is bursting through the roof. Take yourself seriously and don't you dare subdue your powers. You deserve it all, so start acting like it. Put yourself out there, feel proud of who you are, and ask for what you want. People want to give it to you.

And, who knows? Now that Mercury is in your seventh house of partnerships, you might just meet someone who totally gets you.

Aquarius: You're Expanding Your Vision And Feeling New Things

The world is your oyster, because the sun is in your ninth house of adventure and expansion. If you thought everything was boring and monotonous before, it's time for you grab onto all the new opportunities being presented to you. There's a new path being forged just for you, so don't be afraid of trying something you've never done before. You're making interesting memories, meeting fascinating people, and it's all opening your eyes.

Ready yourself for something big, because Mercury just entered your 10th house of social standing. When you speak, people will definitely listen.