These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week, But It's All For The Best

If you're familiar with Libra's energy, you probably already know that this zodiac sign is known for romance, beauty, flirtatiousness, and friendliness. What could anyone possibly have to fear from the sun entering Libra? Contrary to popular belief, Libra season contains its own darkness, and as of September 24, 2018, this will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Aries, Capricorn, and Pisces. If you think you're in the clear, make sure that your rising sign doesn't fall under the following. If so, the intensity will affect you just as deeply.

As the week begins with a rocket launch of a full moon in Aries, it's clear that Libra season is no joke. However, while full moons are always emotional wild cards, this one is receiving karmic energy from restricting and disciplinary Saturn, as well as complicated influence from Chiron, ruler of insecurity, fear, and anxiety. Because full moons are known for delving into your darkness and forcing you to face the skeletons in your closet, there's a strong chance that this lunation will challenge you to your very core, especially if you happen to fall under any of the following signs. Luckily, the cosmos aren't here to torture us for no reason. There's always a master plan in mind, and if you're feeling overly sensitive, it's only because you're healing on the deepest of levels.

Aries: You're Going Through A Serious Transformation

This year's full moon in your name has arrived, crowning you lunar royalty and making you the center of its attention. However, having a full moon in your name isn't always as enchanting as you'd think it would be. In fact, full moons are often challenging times. Because this full moon will form a square with Saturn — ruler of karma, rules, regulations, and limitations — as well as a conjunction with Chiron — ruler of your deepest insecurities — you're bound to feel tested this week.

However, even if this full moon dredges up trauma from your childhood and a darker perspective of life, try not to fear all the strange thoughts that this lunation provides. It's often in your shadows that you're able to find your greatest strength. If you feel the need to revisit your past, try not ton resist it. There are things you still need to heal from.

Capricorn: You Could Experience Roadblocks In Your Life

Because this week's full moon forms a square with Saturn, your ruling planet, there's a chance that you won't feel like the energy from this lunation is meshing with you easily. Instead of flowing through you like water, it might toss you around like a fiery wind. Instead of bringing you clarity and truth, it might bring you even more frustration.

Sending it's lunar glow through your fourth house of home and family, this full moon is asking you to balance your personal life with your public life. Being the ambitious and unstoppable cardinal earth sign that you are, it's easy for you to sacrifice necessary rest for the sake of your success. However, success is hollow without intimacy and warmth. If this full moon is showing you all that you're missing, listen to it.

Pisces: You Could Be Reliving Painful Memories From The Past

As of September 25, Chiron — planet of your deepest, darkest fears, enters Pisces while it's in the middle of retrograde. Because its conflicting energy will now be concentrated directly onto you, prepare to feel as though you're being forced to face your fears.

However, an interesting thing about Chiron is that while it rules over your biggest vulnerability, it also rules over your greatest strength. As it presents you with challenges and opportunities to overcome your anxieties, Chiron is guiding you through an essential process of growth. Nothing important is ever accomplished without a solid dose of bravery and a willingness to try your best. Through the turmoil, you'll discover your highest self.