These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week, But The World Won't End

Do you feel like you're being dragged into autumn kicking and screaming? Are you praying that summer can last just a few more weeks? Are you wracking your brain for a way to travel back in time and do summer all over again? Hey, autumn is not for everybody. Although the fall equinox is filled to the brim with gorgeous and spiritual meaning, some of us simply sparkle brightest during the sunniest season of all. Others? The creeping darkness and haunting changes of autumn are like a balm to their soul. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, seasonal transitions are intense and tumultuous times, which is why starting September 17, 2018, this will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, and Aquarius. If your rising sign falls under any of the following, I'm sorry to inform you that you won't be escaping the weirdness either.

Although difficulties tend to arise during times of change, it doesn't mean that these difficulties will last forever. While the sun's segue from organized, intelligent, and overly critical Virgo to graceful, charming, and somewhat superficial Libra can make anyone feel dizzy, the strangeness will taper off eventually so you can enjoy what this next season is all about. Prepare to soon be showered with social prowess, friendly vibrations, and deep interpersonal connections, because Libra season is here and it most certainly wants you to shine.

Aries: You Could Be Feeling Strange And Unusual

When the sun enters Libra, you're bound to feel somewhat off-kilter at first. Why? Because Libra is your opposite sign, pouring energy all over the cosmos that you might not be so familiar with. However, don't start believing that you and Libra are incapable of getting along. In fact, the relationship you'll have with Libra is one of the most important relationships you'll ever have. Challenging you with your differences at first, bridging the gap will teach you so much about yourself. Remember that opposite signs contain qualities that complete each other, so allow Libra season to complete you in the way you need to feel completed.

Luckily, the week ends on a harmonious and fortunate note when Mars, your ruling planet, forms a motivating trine with Mercury. Prepare to feel socially energized and inspired to share your vision with anyone who will listen.

Taurus: You Could Be Experiencing Career Stress

At the beginning of the week, Mars (planet of aggression and power) will form a stressful and unpredictable square with Uranus (planet of radical change). Because Uranus is in Taurus, this energy will affect you on a deeply personal level. With Mars currently stewing in your 10th house of career, this strange and electric seesawing of energy could leave you feeling impulsive, rebellious, and inhibited at work. Because thinking twice before taking action is never Mars' strong suit, there's a chance you may say or do something rash that could impact your career in a potentially negative way.

However, the impact of this planetary battle does not have to be negative. In fact, when two planets form a square, it can have the interesting effect of motivating you to overcome adversity and battle through challenges. Remember to let the intensity push you for the better.

Aquarius: You Might Not Feel So Comfortable At Home

Your ruling planet is Uranus, and this electric, rebellious, and revolutionary planet could cause you a problem or two at the beginning of the week. Forming a square with Mars while it sits in your first house of the self, your emotions could get the best of you if you're not careful. Uranus is known for encouraging drastic and insubordinate behavior, so make sure you're ready for the consequences of any decisions that you make. Because Uranus is also sending ripples through your fourth house of core values and family, the drama can be found right at home if you're not careful.

However, perhaps this shaky energy is centering in on your world for a reason. Planetary squares are known for encouraging you to finally "have it out," and sometimes conflict is a necessary means of encouraging growth. Remember that truth will be found once the dust settles.