The October full moon will have Aries feeling drained.

These Zodiac Signs Will Have A Difficult Time The Week Of Sept. 23


When I say certain zodiac signs should prepare for a more difficult astrological time, I'm not saying this to stoke fear. However, the fact of the matter is that not all energies mesh together beautifully. Some energies challenge each other instead, colliding and conflicting so that you can grow from overcoming obstacles. Never be afraid of what astrology has in store, because that defeats the whole purpose of truly experiencing life. Keep this in mind when I say September 23, 2019 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs.

The sun is now in diplomatic, charming, and social Libra, setting the tone for a lighter and brighter perspective. However, if your sun or rising sign happens to be in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, you might find this energy suffocating instead of revitalizing. Libra is an air sign that prefers to keep things beautiful, amiable, and pleasing to the eye. The downside of prioritizing harmony above all is that it might be at the cost of depth. For water signs, Libra season may feel too superficial, as though they're being encouraged to hide their true feelings for the sake of seeming put together. After all, since when have water and air been able to cooperate?

However, just because the energy isn't ideal for water signs doesn't mean it is without power. A new moon in Libra takes place on Sept. 28, setting the tone for a cycle that centers on discovering deeper emotional truths and spiritual transformation. Facing your fears and embracing your feelings is rarely ever easy. Luckily, no one is better at processing them than a water sign; here's what they can expect this week:


Cancer: You're Overcoming Your Fears Surrounding Comfort

This week calls attention to some majorly sensitive subjects, namely your family, your roots, and your level of safety and comfort. With a new moon in your fourth house of the home, you're letting go of anxieties and head-trips surrounding the place you come from. It may be time to leave the nest behind, forgive your relatives, and learn what you can change and what you cannot.

Understand that home is what you make of it; home is a state of mind. Don't sacrifice your emotional well-being for the sake of a perfect idea.

Scorpio: You're In The Midst Of A Solitary And Strange Time

With a new moon landing in your 12th house of spirituality, you're healing from some pretty heavy trauma. Repressed memories could arise, unexpected revelations may rock your world, and you're reaching a sense of completion, if you allow yourself to embrace the process. Don't force yourself to be a part of the outer world. Instead, spend time in the world that exists inside you. Listen to your intuition and let it tell you what you truly need.

Know there's a part of you no one else will ever truly understand. That part of you is for you and no one else. Be grateful for it.

Pisces: You're Learning The Art Of Emotional Give And Take

Intimacy and emotional intensity are on your mind, especially when the new moon takes place in your eighth house of death and rebirth. This transit inspires you to search for depth and substance in your relationships. Just make sure you're not looking for it where you'll never find it. Allow these feelings to sprout naturally and make sure you enforce boundaries, as well as respect the boundaries of others. Try not to get lost in someone else.

Many things may come to an end during this time. However, it's important to remember that an ending marks a new beginning.