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The 4 Most Quiet Signs May Not Say A Lot, But They Always Mean What They Say


Have you ever been around someone who can't seem to stop talking? These extroverts love connecting with others and hearing the sound of their own voice. When you ask them a question, they could answer it for hours. When they're excited about something, there's no way you won't know it because they're shouting about it. If you're ever in the mood for a conversation, these are the people you can rely on. However, you might have more trouble chatting up one of the most quiet zodiac signs because, to a Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, or Scorpio, it's less about how much you say and more about what you do say.

If you were born with these zodiac signs in your birth chart, then you're likely to be someone who preserves their energy instead of expends it at the first sign of social interaction. You might be shy, slow to open up, or possibly even more introverted by nature. This is not to say you're never capable of letting loose and screaming at the top of your lungs. This doesn't mean you don't enjoy long, passionate conversations that last late into the night. It simply means meaningless small talk with people you don't care about isn't your cup of tea. It means you treat communication as a valuable thing. When you do decide to speak or express yourself, it's because you have a very strong purpose behind your words.

For those who are close to any of the following zodiac signs, "quiet" is not necessarily something you know them for. However, when you see them interact with new people, you remember how reserved they can be. Here's why:


Taurus: They're Very Thoughtful About What They Say

Those with placements in Taurus are slow-moving, patient, and plodding creatures. They don't rush into things, say the first thing on their mind, or act impulsively. This translates to the way they communicate. Before a Taurus comes out and says something, chances are, they've been mulling it over in their brain for a while. They want to make absolutely sure they're saying what they mean and they want to say what they want to say in the most effective way possible. When a Taurus speaks up, it's for a good reason.

Cancer: It Takes Them Time To Open Up And Be Expressive

If you know a Cancer, you know how shy they can be. They're ruled by the crab for a reason, after all. That crab shell is there to protect a highly sensitive and emotional core. Because of how sensitive Cancer is, they tend to be shy or defensive around new people. Others might see them as quiet or timid due to this. However, once they trust you enough to let their guard down, you'll find that Cancers are actually quite social and talkative. Let's remember they are a cardinal water sign.

Virgo: They're Focused And Direct About Communication

Just because Virgo is ruled by Mercury — planet of communication — doesn't mean they're always jumping at the first opportunity to socially open up to someone. Virgo communicates in a quiet, yet very direct and focused manner. You could say a Virgo is a person of few words, yet those words are always more than enough. While Virgo may be careful with communicating too much or being a little too loud about their thoughts, there's still so much going on inside them. Ask them to write it down and you'll find a stream of consciousness pouring out.

Scorpio: They're Methodical And Strategic With Their Words

When you realize Scorpio is ruled by Pluto — planet of all things unseen and hidden — it makes total sense Scorpio might not be the first to divulge their thoughts and feelings. They're always observing others and the situations they find themselves in, considering the pros and cons of being too expressive. They're always trying to figure out what they should say and what they shouldn't, careful not to give away too much of their power.