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These Zodiac Signs Are Going To Be Charmed The Week Of September 23


Are you prepared to feel butterflies fluttering in your stomach? Ready for your social life to take you to new and exciting places? As of this week, the sun has officially entered flirty, stylish, and harmonious Libra. This season is marked by pleasure, romance, and, of course, intellectual exchange. Libra is ruled by Venus — planet of affection and beauty — so don't be surprised if everyone's suddenly feeling more lovey-dovey. No zodiac sign loves the idea of love more than Libra, so get used to being charmed and courted, especially if you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week on September 23, 2019.

But don't think that just because Libra is ruled by gorgeous Venus that this zodiac sign won't show up when things get ugly. In fact, Libra is famous for standing up for the underdog, arguing its way to success, and proving a point. After all, Libra is a cardinal air sign, which makes its energy highly intellectual and deeply committed to making this world a more fair and just place. Its power is beautiful for strengthening your relationships, improving your ability to communicate, and showing you a perspective unlike your own.

Luckily, you'll even have a cosmic opportunity for a new beginning this week, because the new moon in Libra takes place on Sept. 28. How's that for jumpstarting the autumn season? Astrology seriously doesn't play around. It's time to rejuvenate your spirit, quit worrying about the past, and plant the seeds for something new. Use this new moon to expand your social circle, enhance your sense of self, and embrace a deeper passion for life.

If you were born with your sun or rising in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, no one will have a better week than you. Here's why:


Gemini: You're Feeling The Love And It's So Inspiring

The possibilities are endless right now. With a new moon taking place in your fifth house of fun, romance, and creativity, you're about to learn a whole new meaning of self-expression. If you decide to use this energy to finally sit down and write that novel, enroll in a dance class, or start dating again, you can rest assured you'll be falling in love one way or another.

The only job you have is to hush your inner critic long enough for you to get started. Creativity flows best when it's not being picked apart.

Libra: You're Being Charged With Confidence And Courage

Happy solar return, Libra! Your season has officially begun and no one feels more powerful than you do. You're coming to terms with all that has come and gone over the past year, understanding how it's all helped you prosper and grow. Mistakes were made, but you're a better person now. Get excited, because you're setting the tone for the next chapter of your story and the sky is the limit.

Put yourself out there and don't you dare doubt your talent and strength. People are noticing you and admiring you wherever you go.

Aquarius: You're Embarking On An Exciting Spiritual Journey

You're coming out of a dark and difficult time, but now, you're ready to spread your wings and fly away. The new moon takes place in your ninth house of expansion, wisdom, faith, and, of course, adventure. Your intuition is being lit on fire, guiding you toward a deeper connection with the present. It's time to lean in to a more positive and meaningful perspective of the world, because everything is becoming so much brighter.

Use this as an opportunity to open your eyes, step out of your comfort zone, and try something spontaneous.