These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst September, So Here's Some Advice

September is the month in which we enjoy the last few flickers of summer, preparing for the autumn chill to overtake our atmosphere. The leaves part from tree branches, collecting on the earth in a dry pile of orange and yellow, snapping beneath our footsteps. The fog rolls in, spices float through the air, and we watch the natural world begin a process of death, only to be resurrected in the spring once again. As the summer ecstasy starts to dwindle, not everyone will have an easy time during the seasonal shift, and September 2018 will be the worst month for these zodiac signs: Aries, Scorpio, and Pisces. If any of these signs are your rising sign, you might feel even more disappointed by the month ahead.

Although the summer was packed with stagnating retrogrades and transformative eclipses, that doesn't necessarily mean that the weirdness is over. In fact, if you're like me, you've still been feeling the intense energy ebbing and flowing, as these retrogrades are still in shadow periods and the eclipses haven't exactly finished their introspective work yet. If you're continuing to feel the cosmos do their work on you, it's no coincidence, and although the stress might get to you at times, there's so much you can do to work with the energy rather than against it. Try to embrace the changes and growth you're experiencing.

Aries: You're Going To Heal From Trauma In Your Past

The full moon in Aries will be a cosmic tipping point in your first house of the self. Its bright, white power will push you through the next level of your identity and give you an understanding of your life that you've never had before. Prepare to experience a gorgeous spotlight on your psyche. Even though a full moon can be beyond rewarding, this one will likely dredge up memories from the past, and not all of them will be so rose-colored or nostalgic. Since this full moon is conjunct Chiron, the planet of the wounded healer, it might encourage you to spend time in your shadows.

However, shadow work is integral to the healing process. Whoever said healing is made of forced-positivity and empty optimism forgets that healing is often chaotic and difficult to define. By avoiding the skeletons in our closet, we're only affording them more power, and on this full moon in Aries, you'll begin a process of cutting that power off.

Scorpio: You're Working Through A Few Personal Issues

Good news! Mars, your traditional ruling planet, is finally out of retrograde and making your life a whole lot less frustrating. Unfortunately, Pluto, your second ruling planet, still is, but only for the duration of the month. Pluto's healing work is down to the bone and intertwined with the core of your soul, making its retrograde a very personal process. Occurring in your third house of communication, the main theme of this retrograde is to reconnect with your most authentic voice.

You're digging through dirt and finding the truth buried deep, so don't stop. Your internal work is at it's most sensitive, but it will all be worth it soon. Ending on Sep. 30, you're in the process of completing a period of significant growth.

Pisces: You'll Be Forced To Overcome Your Fears

As of Sep. 25, Chiron, the planet that governs your deepest, darkest vulnerabilities, will dip backwards into the sign of Pisces. This planet has been in retrograde since July 4, however, it's slipped away from Aries and back in time. This will likely bring old fears and challenging memories back to the forefront, perhaps even repeating stressful situations that you thought were over and done with. The only reason you might spiral backwards is because there are still difficulties from your past that you have yet to deal with. They've returned so that you can defeat them, once and for all.

Work on practicing courage in the face of fear. This doesn't mean that you aren't allowed to be afraid. Everyone is afraid. This healing will be about being brave in spite of it.