Saturn Retrograde Is Your Opportunity To Rise To The Occasion & Grow Up A Little

Yikes, another retrograde? You might as well get used to it because in astrology, there's almost always at least one planet in retrograde. Lucky for you, this also means you've been dealing with this energy all throughout your life, so it's nothing you can't handle. Speaking of backward-moving planets, Saturn retrograde 2019 begins on Apr. 29, lasting all the way until Sep. 18. If you were hoping this summer would be all play and no work, think again. Without a doubt, Saturn retrograde will kick your butt into gear.

Saturn is the planet of karma, discipline, boundaries, and structure. It encourages you to conquer tough situations, make wise decisions, and do what it takes to become an adult. Since 2017, Saturn has been moving through its favorite zodiac sign: Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign that rules over your career, reputation, self-sufficiency, and overall effort. This transit has been pushing you toward reaching your goals, as well as restructuring rules and authority in our society. When Saturn turns retrograde, it can pump the breaks on your momentum. However, this is not meant to slow down your upward climb. Instead, Saturn retrograde is meant to help you reexamine your efforts, check in with your commitments, and make sure you're on the right track.

If you're feeling terrified by the thought of such a long and difficult retrograde, there's no need to worry. Because Saturn is an outer planet, you won't feel its effects as intensely as Mercury, Venus, or Mars retrograde. Instead, it will shape you overtime.

Receive Karmic Repercussions For Your Decisions

Think of Saturn retrograde as a performance review. This is when you meet with the god of karma and access the results of your actions. Are you working hard enough to reach your goals? Are you focusing on the right things? Making the smartest decisions? This could be a time where you acknowledge that all your efforts are paying off. Perhaps you enrolled in classes and you're feeling proud of your academic pursuits. Maybe you took on a leadership roll and you're happy you took the risk.

However, you may also be faced with the negative consequences of taking the easy way out. If you stayed out all night partying instead of studying for that test, you'll have to deal with that decision. If you've been eating unhealthily, your body will be reeling from it. Use this retrograde to assess the outcomes your life.

Get Serious About Your Career Plans And Overall Priorities

Whether you're feel proud of yourself or ashamed of how lazy you've been, Saturn retrograde is the time to get even more serious about your goals. Use this time to analyze your routine and spruce up your priorities. Are you focusing on the right career? Are you working towards something that's genuinely important to you? Often, a lack of motivation can be traced back to a goal that you're not really all that passionate about. Maybe this is the time to switch careers or concentrate on a new project.

However, this may also be a time to remember why you're committing to something. Think of the overall outcome of each small and inconvenient task. You may hate studying now, but think of how awesome your career will be in the future. Keep your eye on the ball.

Know Your Limits And Practice Maturity When Tested

Saturn does not expect you to have superhuman strength. The god of discipline understands that you can't accomplish every single thing there is to accomplish. Use this retrograde to understand your limits when it comes to how much you can handle on your plate. Use this time to erect boundaries that protect your energy and your priorities.

It's OK to say "no," but make sure you're saying "no" to the right things. Focus on what counts and above all, make sure to forgive yourself when you fail. Maturity is not about being perfect. It's about learning from your mistakes and growing from your experiences as best as you can.