Saturn Is In Retrograde & It'll Have You Craving A Better Version Of Yourself

Retrogrades are never easy. The mere mention of the word instills fear in even the bravest of us all. In astrology, they're a period full of complications, bumps in the road, and learning from your mistakes. While we'd all love to be able to avoid uncomfortable situations, retrogrades are what pushes you towards growth. From the minute you're born until the minute you die, life is a never-ending roller coaster ride. Saturn retrograde 2018 is merely a drop in a series of twists and turns. Instead of letting fear hold you back, enjoy what the adventure has to offer.

Because Saturn is associated with restriction, discipline, and karma, this retrograde will force you to confront your past. If you've been living in a way that you're not proud of, this retrograde is an opportunity to make amends and take steps toward improvement.

We all have toxic habits we engage in. For whatever reason, they seem like shortcuts that make life easier and all the while, they make things so much more difficult in the long run. Dishonesty, manipulation, avoidance, and cruelty are all a product of wanting to get through life unscathed. However, as the saying goes, "What goes around comes around." Starting April 17 and ending Sep. 6, Saturn retrograde will come and find you.

Saturn Retrograde Is In Capricorn

Ruling over Capricorn, Saturn is at home while in this sign, right where it can do its most powerful work. You can expect its effect on you to be that much more intense. Capricorn is an inherently hardworking and disciplined sign. When Saturn is absorbing its own energy, its eye for your mistakes is sharpened. Capricorn sets its mind on a goal and takes the steps necessary in order to realize it. Its ambition is not rushed, superficial, or flamboyant. It is careful and serious, persevering no matter what how difficult things get. Whatever you've been doing to stand in the way of your own success, and the success of others, will become apparent to you.

Negative qualities of Capricorn include greed, selfishness, and superiority. While Saturn is in retrograde, you will be forced to tackles these qualities in yourself. As terrifying as these realizations may be, you will ultimately feel enlightened. Once you figure out how to put these negative patterns behind you, the burden of your guilt will be lifted. During this retrograde, you have all the power to change your values.

Mercury Squares Saturn

Mercury rules over communication and the exchange of ideas. Since it will be squaring Saturn during this retrograde, expect Mercury to imbue your introspection. You will be forced to reconcile with your usual modes of expressing your opinions and connecting with others. If you speak to people in a negative, ineffective, or harmful way, you have the opportunity to put an end to it. If you aren't truthful to yourself and you regularly engage in inauthentic behaviors such as lying or falsifying your personality, you will feel incredibly motivated to change.

Realizing that you may not have been the greatest influence on others is not easy and you may be swept with a sense of guilt. Realizing that you haven't been kind to yourself may even be harder. Instead of punishing yourself, use these realizations to make meaningful improvements in your life. Take charge and this retrograde doesn't have to be a horrible experience. In fact, it can be incredibly empowering.

When Saturn Goes Direct

Once this retrograde ends on Sep. 6, you can expect your limitations in life and habits to resume. If you haven't taken the opportunity to revitalize and improve your character, you'll go back to being the same person you've aways been. However, Saturn retrograde will happen all over again next year and you'll be back right where you started. Might as well push yourself to the next level right now so that by next year's retrograde, the lessons you learn will be of a much higher caliber.

Growth never ends. There is always something you can learn and there's always room for improvement. Saturn in retrograde is a time when your habits and behaviors are called into question. Your character is turned into putty that can be molded into your desired shape. If you embrace what it has to teach you and work hard to make its insight an aspect of your everyday life, you'll be a much better version of yourself by the time Saturn goes direct. No matter what, you always have control over your fate.