Sasha Obama Is Living Her Best Life In This TikTok Dance Vid & People Are Cheering


Throughout this wild and unpredictable ride of a year, TikTok has provided a lot of people with a steady stream of much-needed serotonin — including the youngest member of the former first family, Sasha Obama. If you're scouring the internet for some good feels and pure joy today, Sasha Obama's TikTok dance video is almost guaranteed to warm your heart and put a smile on your face. People all over the internet are cheering her on, and Twitter couldn't be happier to see her living her best life.

Although Obama generally keeps her social media presence pretty scarce, that doesn't mean she's isn't having fun. In a Nov. 1 TikTok that has since been deleted, Obama claimed the spotlight as she enjoyed her time dancing with a small group of friends to Pop Hunna's Adderall (Corvette Corvette) — much like any normal teenage girl would these days. In fact, besides having the former leader of the United States as a father, Obama is a pretty normal 19-year-old. She's enrolled at the University of Michigan, hangs out with her family, and spends her spare time goofing around with friends on social media. While some people have been quick to throw criticism her way for appearing too carefree and unbothered, Obama continues to remain just that: carefree and unbothered.

People all over Twitter are definitely here for it, and can't help but cheer her on and support her for just, you know, living her best life since her father left office in 2017.

This isn't the first time Obama has popped up in her friend's TikTok dance videos. In late October, she was spotted lip-syncing alongside friends to Moneybagg Yo's Said Sum remix, featuring City Girls and Da Baby. Fans have been quick to catch on, giving her occasional appearances a sort of covert, "I Spy" type feel.

Where will Obama pop up next? Keep a lookout, because the youngest member of the Obama clan is definitely out here flourishing — both in and out of the spotlight.