Ross Lynch & Jaz Sinclair's Zodiac Signs Make Them A Magical Match

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When it comes to couples who are absolutely magical, Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair's astrological compatibility proves they're a wicked-good match. Sinclair was born on July 22, making her a Cancer. And TBH, if you want to see a quintessential Cancer in action, scroll through Sinclair's Instagram account. Heartfelt photo-dumps of co-workers, selfies with grandma, and cute photos of babies are Big Cancer Energy.

Lynch was born on Dec. 29, making him a Capricorn. This sign is notoriously determined and work-driven. Lynch's acting career and role as frontman and vocalist in the band R5 make it clear he's a hard worker and a classic Cap. But seeing the way he cherishes and supports Sinclair on social media hits on one of Cap's biggest secrets: They're super compassionate and tender toward their loved ones. While the overall vibes of both Sinclair and Lynch's signs may seem different, these two are more astrologically similar than you'd think.

Initially, a Cancer and a Cap would be intrigued by each other because their approaches to life vary so much. You know, "opposites attract," and all that. Sure, sometimes Cancer will find their earth-sign partner to be rigid or uncompromising. And maybe Capricorn will be confused or annoyed at how Cancer makes decisions based on emotions, not just logic.

But this dynamic also means, for example, that a Cancer like Sinclair would know just what to say to make their Cap partner feel seen thanks to their dreamy water-sign intuition. And a detail-oriented Cap like Lynch would take all kinds of mental notes on their partner's favorite foods, activities, movies, and music genres in order to curate the most perfect date night.

Ultimately, both signs are tough on the outside and soft on the inside. Sometimes you might get Capricorn's horns, but they're super loving and nurturing. They work hard and take no sh*t because they want to provide the best of everything for their family, friends, and partner. Like the crab that symbolizes them, Cancer can sometimes be a bit sharp and prickly on the outside. Still, they're truly soft beneath their shell. Part of this tenderness is a fierce love for those they hold close to their heart.

Both signs will go out of their way to ensure their loved ones — each other included — are comfortable, safe, and happy. They can truly be the kind of partner the other sign needs. So whether or not you shipped Roz and Harvey on The Chilling of Adventures of Sabrina, it's supremely clear Sinclair and Lynch are truly a couple to root for.

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