15 Tweets About Dating A Cancer That Gently Roast This Sentimental Softie

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I'm a Cancer, which basically means I'm getting roasted constantly. In addition to all of the memes and articles making us out to be annoying crybabies, there are tweets about dating a Cancer that don't help our reputation at all. If you haven't noticed on your own, Twitter is crawling with people giving their takes on what it's really like to date a Cancer.

Luckily for you, I have some of their best tweets here for you. To be honest, as much as I'd like to say that the jokes about dating Cancers were way out of line, the fact of the matter is most of them are on point.

I don't want to be a walking Cancer cliché, but I do have a hard exterior even though I'm a total softie on the inside. I do feel guilty pretty much all of the time and I have the hardest time ever being straight-up mean. Oh, I definitely also will read too far into things and secretly have my feelings hurt if you seem cold via text. And, finally, I also do tend to opt for passive aggression over just going for direct confrontation, but I promise, my therapist and I are working on that one.

So, yeah. I could see how dating me or any other Cancers who possess traits similar to mine would be a little... hm, how do I put this gently... complicated? To see exactly just how complicated, read the tweets below.

We May Seem Tough, But We're All Mush On The Inside

We may try to scare you off from time to time, but don't be fooled. We still have mad love for you deep down inside our mushy interiors.

OK, So Our Defense Mechanisms Can Be A Little Questionable

OK, I'd love to say this wasn't accurate, but the "act fine in front of us but use up a whole tissue box crying" is pretty much as me as it gets.

Sometimes Our Kindness Gets Us Into Complicated Situations

I have, personally, never been in this situation, but I do get it. Ending things with the people is the worst, so I'd just rather not with that whole thing.

We're Amazing

I feel like this is the most accurate one I've read so far. Don't you agree?

You Probably Want To Watch Your Period Usage When You Text Us

I mean, people who text with periods are rude. Simple as that.

Yeah, We Might Like To Move A Little Quickly

At least we're not afraid to put ourselves out there.

It's Obvi Never Our Fault When We Get Hurt

Again, we're not afraid of putting ourselves out there. That's a good thing.

Our Hearts Are Wide Open To Love

Yes, we're OK. Smh, rude question.

I'm Sorry If yOu Never Had A Chance To Have Sex With One Of Us

Amen to that, sister.

OK, Once Again, Our Defense Mechanisms Could Use Some Work

Who doesn't love constant attention from a doting partner?

So We Can Be A Little Emotional

I feel like "big baby energy" is just straight-up rude.

We're Not Afraid To Really Dive In

So, he really went for it. I appreciate the move.

Dating Us Is Basically Like Having A Kitten

And kittens are freaking adorable, so lucky you.

We're Not Afraid To Cry

Let the tears flow, baby.

I Think This Tweet Sums It Up The Best

With that, I'd like to offer a huge "you're welcome" to the people who were lucky enough to enjoy the little slice of heaven that is dating a Cancer.

Lots of these were disrespectful and I know how us Cancers get when we feel like people are being rude AF to us, so I'm going to wrap this article up with a reminder that most of these people were just kidding. Obviously, we all know that we are an absolute pleasure to date.