14 Tweets About Dating A Virgo That Capture The Sign's Full, Intense Glory

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If you want a lover, a personal assistant, a therapist, and a life coach all in one, than you should probably date a Virgo. Those born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22 do have a tendency to be a little... well, intense, but is that such a bad thing? Virgos were basically born to give. They want to make you better, and they want to make the world better, but you should know a few things before dating one. I've rounded up some tweets about dating a Virgo that capture all the complexities and idiosyncrasies of this earth sign, and they're hilariously accurate.

As long as you're open to a little (OK, a lot) of unsolicited advice, then a Virgo will help you be your best self. Want a bedroom closet that makes even Marie Kondo envious? Find yourself a Virgo to date, and they'll make it happen. Virgos aren't the easiest to woo, but if you are lucky enough to date one, then you'll have a practical, precise, and punctual partner committed to making your life easier. If you've ever dated a Virgo or if you are one yourself, then these tweets will make so much sense to you.

They Know Exactly What They Want And When They Want It

But honestly, they're just trying to make your life easier rather than leaving you guessing.

They Love To Plan Ahead

If anyone is going to schedule a dick appointment with you, it's a Virgo.

They Can't Stand Messes

If you're having a Virgo over to Netflix and chill, make sure your place is tidy or they'll be more compelled to clean up than hook up.

They Even Consider Cleaning To Be A Stress Reliever

Virgos may seem to have it all together, but they get stressed, too — they just throw themselves into a new task to hide it.

They Appreciate When You Make An Effort

This sign is about aesthetics, so make sure you brush your teeth twice and floss before your date with a Virgo.

They're A Touch Judgmental

It's only because they see your true potential and want to help you achieve it — even if it takes a little tough love.

They're Almost Always Convinced They're Right

Think you know better than a Virgo? LOL. We'll see about that. Don't say they didn't warn you.

They Definitely Won't Admit If They're Wrong

If a Virgo does make a bad judgment call (which is a very rare occasion), be prepared for them to deny it until their dying day.

They Tend To Put Up Walls Between Themselves And Others

It's not that they don't want to let you in — it just takes some time before they decide you're trustworthy enough to see their vulnerable side.

They're A Little Tough To Read

How do you know if a Virgo is mad at you? They ignore you. How do you know if a Virgo has a crush on you? They ignore you. How do you know the difference? You don't.

They Remember Literally Everything

They may not be the most affectionate sign, but they will remember every single date you go on, every single present you buy each other, and every last anniversary, no matter how inconsequential.

They're Determined To Make You As Efficient As They Are

Virgos tend to be Marie Kondos at heart. If they think they can help you step up your organization game, they won't hesitate to tell you how.

They Just Want To Make The World A Better Place

Virgos are givers, and any spare time they have is going to be spent improving you, improving your relationship, and probably even improving the world in general.

They're Incredibly Powerful — Especially When They Date Each Other

Virgos have the power to change the world.

There's no denying that Virgos are strong as hell, and a relationship with one is sure to change your life, whether you like it or not. Who couldn't use some Virgo energy in their life?

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